10 Phenomenal Ways To Plug In Extra Profit

1. Attend trade shows and seminars that are related
to your specific industry. Pass out business cards or
brochures about your business.

2. Swap articles with other e-zines publishers. You
could get your articles published more often if​ in
exchange you publish their articles.

3. Ask people to​ link to​ your site's content. Some
people may not want to​ link to​ your home page but
might want to​ link to​ your content.

4. Convert your web site into an​ ebook. You could
offer your ebook as​ a​ free bonus for your product
or another business' product.

5. Create ebooks for other web sites or​ businesses.
You could create them for no charge in​ exchange
for an​ ad or​ mention of​ your web site inside.

6. Team-up with eight to​ ten other sites to​ promote
the same web site. Just include everyone's products
on the web site you are all promoting.

7. Give free e-mail consultations to​ your customers.
When you e-mail them back your advice include a
small ad for a​ back end product your selling.

8. Encourage your customers or​ visitors to​ e-mail
you questions about your product or​ web site. Just
include your sig file with your reply.

9. Give out free web space on your server. Many
of your visitors may want to​ publish their own web
site. Just require that they publish your banner ad.

10. Design web sites for other businesses for free.
Just require them to​ publish your banner or​ text ad
somewhere on their home page.

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