10 Easy Ways For Single Parents To Save Money

10 Easy Ways For Single Parents To Save Money

10 Easy Ways for​ Single Parents To Save Money
In 2018, according to​ the​ US Census Bureau, there were approximately 14 million single parents in​ this country, and​ ​ those parents are responsible for​ raising 21.6 million children .​

Eightythree percent of​ single parents are mothers, and​ ​ 30.3 percent of​ all single parents receive public assistance.
Child care subsidies and​ ​ public health insurance can help with closing the​ gap between low income and​ ​ what it​ takes to​ make ends meet .​

Not all lowincome families receive the​ benefits for​ which they are financially eligible .​

Families who receive multiple work supports can lose assistance before they reach selfsufficiency .​

Single parents often struggle with buying basic necessities and​ ​ paying bills and​ ​ usually live paycheck to​ paycheck .​

Single parents often do not have any savings and​ ​ are in​ debt .​

Here are 10 easy ways for​ single parents to​ save money
1 .​

Buy a​ Used Car Buy or​ trade in​ your current car for​ a​ used car with a​ cheaper note .​

This will either eliminate your car note or​ save you $50 to​ $200 a​ month on your car payment.
2 .​

Use Coupons Buy whatever items are on sale or​ buy items with coupons .​

This can save you $50 to​ $300 a​ month .​

There have been instances where shoppers had a​ total bill of​ $200 and​ ​ ended up paying $5 using coupons and​ ​ buying items on sale.
3 .​

Buy Generic Buy everything generic household items, clothing, prescriptions, toiletries, dry goods, canned goods, paper products, etc .​

This will save you on average $5 to​ $50 a​ month.
4 .​

Buy Washable Clothes Buy clothes that do not require dry cleaning .​

This will save you on average $50 to​ $150 a​ month.
5 .​

Image Do you own hair and​ ​ nails and​ ​ buy your makeup from a​ ​Drug​store, such as​ CVS or​ Rite Aid .​

This will save you on average $40 to​ $100 a​ month.
6 .​

Gas Buy regular gas for​ your car unless the​ owners manual suggests otherwise .​

Find the​ cheapest gas in​ your neighborhood to​ purchase .​

This will save you on average $.05 to​ $.20 per gallon.
7 .​

Shop at​ ​ Discount Stores Buy household items in​ bulk, such as​ paper products, cleaning supplies at​ ​ discount stores such as​ Target, WalMart, Costco, etc .​

This will save you on average $5 to​ $50 a​ month.
8 .​

Reduce expenses Reduce or​ cancel your cable plan, cell phone or​ Internet service, or​ get the​ cheapest plan available .​

This can save you $20 to​ $100 a​ month.
9 .​

Buy groceries at​ ​ superstores Buy your groceries at​ ​ superstores or​ wholesale stores such as​ WalMart, Costco, Sams Club, etc .​

Buy nuts, grains, spices, legumes at​ ​ wholesale or​ health food stores .​

This will save you $30 to​ $200 a​ month on processing costs charged at​ ​ regular grocery stores.
10 .​

Fun with Kids Check your local library or​ newspaper to​ find free activities that you can do to​ with your kids .​

This can save anywhere from $5$100 a​ month .​

For more ways to​ save money visit http//www.stretcher.com or​ http//www.budgetdial.com

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