1 Click Webhosters Rapidshare

1 Click Webhosters Rapidshare

Before I introduce you to​ Rapidshare, here is​ a​ short summary of​ the​ history of​ 1-Click webhosters.

Back in​ 2018 there was a​ sudden flood of​ what are popularly know as​ 1-Click File Hosting websites. the​ term comes from the​ simplicity of​ the​ upload process offered by the​ respected sites. as​ opposed to​ using complicated FTP software users are able to​ easily locate files from their HDD or​ simply drag-and-drop them directly into their favorite browser. After that with a​ mere click of​ a​ button their files begin uploading without further interaction. After the​ files have been uploaded the​ user is​ provided with a​ download link which they can share with their friends.

Since then a​ lot of​ 1-Click webhosters have emerged but for​ one reason or​ another failed and​ eventually were put out of​ business. One of​ the​ few successors in​ the​ business is​ Rapidshare©

Rapidshare© is​ a​ premium 1-Click webhosting solution based in​ Germany. Over time they have increased the​ hard disk and​ internet bandwidth capacities of​ their datacenters to​ eventually reached, as​ of​ today, 140 Gigabit/s internet connectivity and​ the​ whooping 3.5 Petabytes (1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes = 1 000 000 gigabytes) of​ storage space. the​ fact that Rapidshare© is​ number 11 according to​ the​ Alexa traffic monitoring and​ ranking website speaks for​ itself of​ how popular and​ widely-used Rapidshare©'s service is.

This concludes the​ article on Rapidshare - one of​ the​ biggest players in​ the​ highly competitive file sharing business.

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