World Events And Wise Forex Trading

World Events and​ Wise Forex Trading.
Forex trading has the​ great potential of​ becoming a​ profitable and​ fulfilling career that will let you have a​ lifestyle that few other lucrative activities in​ the​ world can offer to​ people from many roads in​ life and​ without asking any of​ those men and​ women for​ a​ diploma or​ some special certification .​
But Forex trading is​ not easy; it​ may be simple to​ enter and​ place your first trade but becoming a​ profitable trader is​ a​ different thing .​
You will need to​ acquire the​ right knowledge and​ techniques in​ order to​ understand and​ know when to​ enter or​ leave a​ trade always fulfilling the​ main objective every trader must have; making money.
There are two kinds of​ analysis you can perform on the​ Forex markets .​
They are known as​ technical analysis and​ fundamental analysis .​
It is​ common that traders tend to​ divide themselves into technical and​ fundamentalists .​
Each group devoting themselves to​ the​ main tools each kind of​ analysis gives them .​

Technical forex traders base their trading on the​ analysis of​ the​ charts and​ the​ number of​ indicators derived from the​ plots of​ price oscillations and​ patterns .​
Meanwhile Fundamentalists traders base their trading mostly on the​ fundamental numbers and​ economical indicators of​ countries economies .​
Though, even if​ divided, both tendencies tend to​ complement each other to​ some degree.
In this article I​ will place myself on the​ fundamentalists side and​ focus on one of​ the​ situations every forex trader must be aware of​ and​ don't let the​ events involved affect his trading efforts .​
This risky situation is​ that when unprecedented chaotic world events start to​ develop as​ the​ trading day goes on .​
The power of​ the​ media (tv, internet, printed) can magnify and​ sometimes it​ may even distort the​ events taking place and​ impacting the​ trading journey in​ a​ significant manner .​
The result of​ this magnification and​ rapid diffusion of​ the​ news about the​ series of​ unfavorable events taking place is​ an​ increased atmosphere of​ fear, confusion and​ uncertainty in​ the​ trading world .​
And fearful traders are not prone to​ make the​ best trading choices because they have given themselves to​ panic and​ emotional reactions instead of​ reasoned and​ intelligent decisions .​
If you need to​ have more specific examples of​ these kind of​ events you can search a​ bit inside your memories and​ consider the​ impact of​ just a​ few types of​ unfavorable chaotic world events as​ the​ political upheavals or​ corporate scandals of​ companies as; Enron, WorldCom, or​ of​ people as​ the​ case of​ Martha Stewart trial, etc .​
There is​ also the​ example of​ the​ terrorist attacks on Sep 11 in​ New York, March 11 in​ Spain, etc .​
Also natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, freezes, droughts, hurricanes along with wars can cause great disruption in​ a​ trading journey.
In short, every forex trader should be totally sure that his method of​ trading has built-in safe guards (stops, limit orders) to​ prevent a​ major financial loss from his trading account in​ case any of​ the​ unfavorable events I​ mentioned above ever takes place .​
And being realistic, many of​ those events will surely happen in​ the​ future.

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