Why You Should Trade Forex Over Other Investments

Why You Should Trade FOREX Over Other Investments
Everyone has heard of​ stocks and​ shares, probably even the​ futures market, but trading the​ FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange, or​ FX) market is​ a​ relatively new phenomenon .​
Until recently, FOREX was the​ domain of​ the​ banking fraternity (large banks can trade billions of​ dollars daily), and​ the​ elite in​ financial and​ business circles .​
But now it​ is​ possible for​ the​ average person to​ be a​ part of​ this incredible – and​ very profitable – way of​ making a​ living, thanks to​ the​ personal computer and​ an​ internet connection .​
All done electronically and​ considered an​ over-the-counter (OTC) market, trading is​ far easier and​ less risky than either the​ futures or​ the​ stock markets .​
Money can be made both on a​ rising and​ falling market, unlike the​ stock market, which relies on shares increasing in​ price to​ create profit.
More and​ more astute internet entrepreneurs are shunning the​ traditional financial markets and​ turning to​ FOREX trading .​
They know that it​ is​ possible to​ earn a​ full-time income from part-time effort – if​ you’d like to​ make $200 to​ $3,000 for​ as​ little as​ ten minutes’ work, and​ with minimal risk, then FOREX is​ for​ you.
FOREX, the​ spot (cash) market for​ buying and​ selling currency, is​ the​ largest financial market in​ the​ world .​
Every day more than $1.5 trillion (yes, trillion) is​ traded globally and, unlike the​ stock market, which has fixed hours, it​ is​ a​ market that never sleeps .​
Somewhere in​ the​ world, at​ any time of​ day or​ night, FOREX is​ open for​ business, six days a​ week .​
The market starts each day in​ Sydney and​ moves around the​ globe as​ other FOREX financial centers open: first to​ Tokyo, then London and​ New York.
In simple terms, currencies are traded in​ pairs, for​ example the​ Euro and​ the​ US dollar (EUR/USD) .​
The first currency – in​ this case the​ Euro – is​ known as​ the​ base currency; the​ second currency (here, the​ US dollar), is​ the​ counter-currency .​
All trades result in​ the​ simultaneous buying of​ one currency and​ the​ selling of​ the​ other .​
Thus, in​ this example, if​ you place an​ order to​ buy the​ EUR/USD, you are buying the​ Euro and​ selling the​ US dollar .​
If you were to​ sell the​ pair, you would be selling the​ Euro and​ buying the​ US dollar .​
There are many other currency pairs, such as​ USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF and​ so on.
What makes trading FOREX an​ incredible way to​ make money online, is​ that price movements are highly predictable, creating trends that can be anticipated when it​ comes to​ decide when to​ buy and​ sell .​
Contrasting with stocks and​ shares, FOREX trading through brokers is​ commission free .​
It is​ also possible – and​ definitely recommended – to​ open a​ demo (practice) account with a​ broker first, where you can learn to​ trade and​ gain experience before you part with a​ cent of​ your own money.
Do you want financial freedom? With huge advantages over other more conventional money markets, why not experience the​ excitement of​ pips, rollovers, leverage, lots, long and​ short positions, limit orders etc .​
and start to​ trade FOREX .​
Good luck!
Penelope Housden.

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