Why I Trade Forex

Why I​ trade Forex?
Many people ask me why I​ trade Forex, Well I​ think like most people when I​ was introduced to​ Trading I​ didn’t know about the​ Forex market .​
It was just natural to​ go looking in​ the​ stock exchange for​ trades .​
However, I​ found my trading was very limited, by the​ time I​ got home from work in​ the​ evening all the​ action was over .​
I​ moved to​ Forex mainly to​ take advantage of​ the​ 24-hour opening hours, I​ would often be found at​ my computer in​ the​ middle of​ the​ night waiting for​ the​ next bar to​ appear.
Unlike Futures, there are no trading exchanges as​ such .​
Trading is​ being done from major banking establishments around the​ world, With futures you are generally limited to​ trading only for​ a​ few hours that they are open, if​ major news breaks and​ the​ price starts going against you when the​ market is​ closed, you could end up losing big time while you are forced to​ wait for​ the​ market to​ open .​
With Forex you will always have an​ opportunity to​ trade 24 hours per day 5 days a​ week .​
As the​ sun wakes up each country on its journey it​ also wakes up the​ markets in​ New York, London, Europe, Asia, Australia to​ name a​ few.
The Currencies of​ the​ world are traded against each other, the​ most popular being the​ Euro the​ US and​ Australian dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc and​ the​ Japanese Yen.
Because of​ 24 hour trading, it​ is​ rare to​ see large gaps in​ price like stocks have on the​ opening and​ you often see prices in​ currencies trending more than stocks .​

There are many advantages in​ trading Forex rather than Stocks, expensive Data providers that you need with Stocks is​ exchanged for​ free charting software offered by many Forex brokers .​
With over $1.5trillion (that’s 46 times bigger than all the​ future markets put together!) being traded in​ a​ single day you are always sure of​ a​ trade, With Low transaction costs, no commissions or​ exchange fees is​ it​ no wonder more and​ more traders are turning to​ Forex.
Beware though, even with all these advantages trading is​ a​ high risk game and​ should only ever be trading with money you can afford to​ lose .​
With a​ good Trading Strategy and​ Money Management in​ place there is​ no reason not to​ join many Traders profiting from trading the​ Forex markets

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