Why Forex

Why Forex?
The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) is​ three times larger than the​ total amount of​ the​ stocks and​ futures markets combined .​
It is​ becoming more and​ more popular.
Because there is​ neither physical location nor a​ central exchange for​ FOREX it​ can operate 24 hours, moving across the​ time zones from one financial center to​ another, from Monday to​ Friday .​
There are great opportunities in​ the​ FOREX market because of​ the​ constant movements of​ the​ exchange rates .​
The currencies are always traded in​ pairs, and​ traders can make profits both when the​ prices go up and​ down .​
There is​ always good market trading opportunity for​ a​ FOREX trader in​ any economic outlook.
Everybody can learn how to​ trade in​ FOREX .​
Of course the​ importance of​ proper education and​ training before entering live trading cannot be overestimated .​
Without it​ the​ chance of​ success is​ almost zero .​
Fortunately everybody can practice with a​ demo account before entering live trading .​
The good thing about FOREX is​ that the​ amount of​ money someone needs to​ place a​ trade (known as​ margin) is​ all that can be lost.
Of course, with the​ proper self-taught education traders will win more than they will lose, but everybody should know that despite the​ high leverage of​ FOREX trading (200:1 is​ possible, which means that when a​ trader puts up $1 the​ trading vendor will allow the​ trader to​ trade it​ as​ if​ the​ trader had $200), it’s still less risky than futures (commodities) trading .​
And when someone trades stocks he or​ she can’t get this type of​ leverage .​
Margin is​ low and​ leverage is​ high, so there is​ possibility of​ big profits (but losses, too).
There are no commissions in​ FOREX .​
No exchange fees, no government fees, no brokerage fees and​ no clearing fees .​
There are no middlemen, too .​
Clients interact directly with the​ market.
Unlike in​ other markets it​ is​ possible to​ start trading with only $100 with a​ mini-account .​
The transaction cost is​ very low and​ the​ FOREX market is​ the​ most liquid, so the​ trader can enter or​ exit it​ in​ almost any condition .​
Because of​ the​ FOREX market’s liquidity and​ twenty 24 hours continuous trading, dangerous trading gaps and​ limit moves are eliminated .​
Orders are executed very quickly, without slippage .​
With a​ good research it​ is​ easy to​ find good brokers, who will automatically close some or​ all of​ open positions if​ the​ account’s equity falls below the​ level required to​ hold the​ positions .​
It is​ impossible to​ lose more than the​ amount of​ money in​ FOREX account.

Everybody can trade online from home .​
It is​ a​ great possibility for​ people who want to​ work from home, but don’t like selling and​ marketing .​
All that is​ needed to​ start trading is​ a​ computer with Internet access and​ a​ proper training.
Because the​ FOREX market is​ so huge, there is​ no possibility of​ someone controlling the​ market price for​ a​ long time .​
There is​ no possibility of​ insider trading and​ the​ governments influence is​ very limited.
Trading currencies is​ much simpler than stocks .​
There are only a​ few major currency pairs .​
No need to​ think which of​ thousands of​ stocks to​ trade.
There is​ no waiting for​ months like in​ futures market .​
Trades in​ FOREX rarely exceed two days.
The enormous marketplace of​ FOREX will grow bigger as​ more people are joining it​ every day .​
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