Why Forex Is A Great Trade

Why Forex Is A Great Trade

Why Forex is​ a​ great trade
The Forex market seems to​ be one of​ the​ hottest markets right now .​
Let’s take a​ look why
It takes small amount of​ capital to​ get going and​ you get leverage with it.
This is​ important because a​ lot of​ people entering the​ market are looking for​ ways to​ make money and​ not just to​ invest their spare cash .​
Leverage means that you can use other people’s money to​ make your investment bigger .​
Not to​ try to​ scare you but this also introduces greater chance for​ Loss .​
This is​ not for​ the​ faint hearted or​ people not willing to​ learn how to​ trade, understand their trading phycology and​ follow money management rules .​
Having been duly warned please keep reading about the​ great potential and​ positive aspects of​ Forex trading .​
Leverage is​ a​ very powerful tool to​ make money very quickly .​

The Forex Market is​ the​ largest in​ the​ world worth more than a​ Trillion dollars a​ day .​
This is​ important for​ many reasons:
It provides amazing liquidity .​
There are always people ready to​ buy and​ sell so you can always enter and​ exit your position easily .​
Smaller markets may not always give you the​ ability to​ exit your trade so easily .​
It is​ difficult for​ larger players to​ influence the​ market .​
In the​ stock market the​ larger players can influence a​ particular stock and​ cause movement just by their trades.
The sun is​ always shining somewhere.
There is​ always trading going on 24 hours a​ day Monday to​ Friday .​
It goes from city to​ city following the​ sun .​
Plus you still get your weekends of​ to​ relax .​
With stocks the​ markets closes and​ news is​ released and​ the​ stock can gap at​ the​ open leaving you in​ a​ worse position .​
When you can trade a​ very liquid market open 24 Hours it​ makes it​ a​ whole lot easier to​ manage your positions and​ relax .​
You are trading so that you can have a​ better life right?, not just stuck in​ front of​ a​ computer .​
It is​ important to​ get clear on why you are trading or​ you can just be just swapping one situation for​ another and​ not really improving your life .​
Pep talk over with let’s get on with it .​

Stocks may go in​ sideways movements and​ suddenly rush up or​ down and​ there are a​ lot of​ stocks to​ choose from .​
Sure there is​ some stocks renown for​ being volatile but it​ is​ easier to​ find consistent volatility in​ the​ Forex market .​
The market is​ always moving so there are always plenty of​ opportunities for​ day trading
So I​ obviously think that the​ Forex Market provides great opportunity for​ people to​ enrich their lives .​
It gives people willing to​ learn a​ little a​ great lifestyle that many will envy.
I hope that you enjoyed that simple summary .​
There are many more great reasons to​ trade forex.

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