The Motivation Of Second Half Thinking

The Motivation Of Second Half Thinking

Football matches are won or​ lost in​ the​ second half. it​ does not matter what code of​ football is​ being played, and​ it​ does not only apply to​ football. it​ is​ how you finish that counts – in​ any sport or​ competition or​ campaign. it​ applies to​ your life. Look at​ your life as​ one complete match or​ look at​ your current circumstance and​ assess where you are in​ terms of​ the​ half time break and​ begin now to​ strategize the​ finish.

I saw this very clearly on one occasion when I was playing a​ game of​ top level Rugby. the​ coach pulled us aside as​ a​ team at​ half time. This was now the​ quietest time of​ the​ match, not the​ time for​ noise and​ action. but the​ time for​ strategy for​ the​ next half.

We knew we could win, but we were behind at​ half time. We all felt we had something to​ say but the​ coach told us to​ shut up and​ listen. He reassured us that they had not penetrated our defense, they had just been lucky on penalties. He told us not to​ try and​ score points but to​ give them the​ ball and​ to​ run them down and​ then do our scoring.

That was when I learned that half time was the​ time to​ listen to​ that quiet inner voice, not the​ yells of​ the​ crowd or​ even your team mates. Let the​ coach talk. it​ is​ on the​ inside, in​ the​ locker room where you get the​ advice. it​ is​ on the​ inside, deep inside our hearts that most people either win or​ lose. it​ is​ on the​ inside that most organizations either fall apart or​ become strong, not from attacks from the​ outside. Usually we get stronger when we are attacked from the​ outside. I have never worried about that. it​ is​ the​ inside I want to​ keep safe from the​ attack of​ its own lack of​ faith and​ wisdom.

What I learned that half time was that what had got us to​ where we were was not the​ thing that was going to​ get us any further. it​ was now time to​ apply a​ finishing strategy.

We had, as​ a​ team been doing things right. We were good at​ executing the​ elemental skills of​ the​ game. But doing things right is​ a​ lot different to​ doing the​ right things. Doing things right is​ efficiency, but doing the​ right things is​ effectiveness. the​ coach did not guarantee us success, but he guaranteed us we would fail if​ we gave up, or​ did not adopt the​ right approach.

Whatever you do, always play hard. There are no soft games. and​ the​ goal is​ not always the​ score on the​ scoreboard – it​ is​ to​ reach your full potential. That is​ called destiny – and​ everybody has one. Second half play begins with low cost probes. You don’t try to​ win recklessly and​ end up losing. You will win when you are well set. So slow down and​ be deliberate – this is​ the​ second half. You will make it.

Half time is​ the​ time for​ inner motivation to​ drive you, not just some external reward. it​ is​ like seeing it​ in​ terms of​ a​ career and​ saying 'I would do what I’m doing for​ no pay, rather than, 'as long as​ they pay me enough I’ll do what they want’. That is​ when you know you want to​ do it​ and​ reach your potential.

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