The Key To Your Motivation And Success

The Key To Your Motivation And Success

What sets successful people apart from the​ pack? is​ it​ luck, money, good lucks, and/or talent?

No, it​ is​ one small simple fact -- motivation.

People who are successful all share one trait -- they are motivated.

Of course, motivation really isn't simple at​ all. That is​ why there is​ multi-billion industry focused on self-help books, tapes, seminars, camps, and​ coaches.

There is​ just one problem with using these methods. When it​ comes to​ motivation one size does not fit all. One of​ the​ elements that makes human beings so endlessly fascinating is​ that we are all individuals.It is​ the​ primary reason our species has been so successful. it​ also means we each have different interests, goals, and​ motivation.

So before you can begin following any one of​ the​ thousands of​ motivational programs available you must first determine which motivational group you fall into.

After some thought, study, and​ research, I have come up with four basic motivational categories:

~ the​ Pessimist
~ the​ Competitor
~ the​ Minimalist
~ the​ Exhibitionist

The Pessimist

The Pessimist is​ personified by my husband. Whenever he gets the​ smallest bit of​ bad news he immediately leaps into the​ deep end of​ doom and​ gloom. it​ doesn't matter if​ the​ problem is​ small or​ large, he often reacts as​ if​ it​ is​ the​ end of​ the​ world. if​ the​ satellite dish has a​ momentary hiccup in​ service then he immediately assumes the​ bill didn't get paid and​ our account terminated and​ our credit score is​ now on the​ decline.

It took me a​ long time to​ learn how to​ deal with this. at​ first I thought it​ was real panic and​ I would try to​ shield him from the​ smaller hiccups, and​ even some big ones, of​ life. But now I know this is​ actually how he motivated himself.

When we face challenges, big or​ small, he works himself through a​ familiar cycle. First he outlines the​ worst-case scenario, then he outlines his options for​ action, and​ then he takes action. and​ when he takes action just get out of​ the​ way as​ he moves very quickly -- and​ successfully. Challenge faced, problem solved. it​ makes me crazy but it​ works for​ him!

The Competitor

My brother thrives on competition. Whether he is​ playing sports or​ working in​ sales, he is​ always more successful if​ he has competition.If his motivation flags he can easily juice himself up with a​ quick comparison of​ his progress toward a​ particular goal in​ comparison to​ others. He likes to​ keep score and​ that keeps him motivated. He wants to​ win whatever competition is​ at​ hand.

Don't knock this method. By almost any measure my brother is​ a​ huge success and​ has worked his way from a​ contract employee barely able to​ afford his two-bedroom apartment to​ a​ high-level sales executive with a​ six-figure salary plus bonuses to​ further incentivize him.

The Minimalist

Perhaps this person might best be described as​ having a​ short-attention span. They need short-term goals that are immediately visible and​ can be achieved within a​ short time span. They can go the​ distance as​ long as​ it​ is​ broken up into smaller projects. Each small victory will spur them on to​ the​ final goal but they need those little successes to​ keep them motivated. in​ many ways this label applies to​ me but I think down deep that I am really in​ the​ final category.

The Exhibitionist

I know I fall into this category because I have a​ very difficult time with goals that I cannot see. it​ is​ one of​ the​ reasons I hate cleaning -- sure you can see the​ results but with a​ busy family you know how long those results stay visible!

Like the​ minimalist I enjoy breaking large projects up into small, bite-sized chunks so they are not so overwhelming. When I grade papers for​ my teaching gig I always divide the​ pile into several smaller piles so I can feel I am making progress. I do the​ same with cleaning -- first straighten the​ room, then dust, then vacuum.

But it​ isn't enough for​ me to​ accomplish the​ task -- I need to​ have a​ to​ do list that I can check off as​ I go and​ then crumple up and​ throwin the​ trash at​ the​ end of​ the​ day. I need to​ be able to​ point to​ some visible success for​ the​ day whether it​ is​ a​ shining kitchen, a​ stack of​ graded papers, or​ a​ pile of​ completed manuscript pages.

Which category do you fall into? Once you know that much about yourself you will be better able to​ find the​ motivation technique that works best for​ you. Stop by the​ Words of​ Inspiration web site and​ vote in​ our motivation poll and​ then go get motivated!

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