Should An Article Directory S Page Rank Concern You

Should An Article Directory S Page Rank Concern You

Everybody knows that Page Rank is​ important. it​ indicates the​ content volume of​ a​ site, and​ it​ also proves the​ site's popularity, or​ how many external links it​ has pointing to​ it.

We all strive for​ the​ highest Page Rank we can muster for​ good reason. Having a​ high ranking means traffic, and​ traffic means more sales potential.

Which is​ why we write and​ submit articles. Placing articles on​ your site increases its relative content volume, and​ submitting the​ articles with a​ bio box creates external links pointing to​ your site.

It's all about exposure! the​ more we have the​ more profit we make.


But then the​ plot thickens . . .

Site Popularity doesn't come from having your links just anywhere. you​ see, there's a​ method to​ the​ madness that brings it​ all full circle.

To achieve a​ higher Page Rank through external links, you​ need to​ put your articles on​ sites that have an​ equal or​ higher Page Rank than yours does.

But does this apply to​ Article Directories?

If you're one who submits articles manually and​ are under time constraints, the​ quick answer would be yes, it​ does apply.

You have only so much time to​ get your articles into sites that will bring you​ the​ quickest exposure you​ can get.

However, when we look at​ Page Rank for​ Article Directories in​ these times of​ rapid fire article submission software, services and​ scripts it​ becomes hard to​ judge the​ validity of​ the​ every day statisics.

Some Article Directories of​ late have appeared out of​ nowhere one week, and​ the​ next have well over 1,000 articles already submitted to​ them. After a​ month's time, some have even reached the​ 5 to​ 10 thousand article mark.

Now considering that Google adjusts a​ site's Page Rank every three months, an​ Article Directory could show a​ big fat "0" Page Rank one day, and​ after Google makes their adjustments, could climb to​ a​ PR4 or​ PR5 the​ next.

So, thinking logically, the​ only time an​ Article Directory's Page Rank should concern you​ is​ the​ day after Google makes its adjustments.

And even then, that would still only matter if​ you're in​ a​ time rush to​ get quality links to​ your site and​ manually submit to​ 5 to​ 10 of​ the​ best known sites to​ do it.

So the​ answer is​ twofold . . .

For those who submit their articles manually, yes, current page Rank for​ Article Directories should concern you.

But for​ the​ rest of​ us, what should matter most is​ that, when you​ submit to​ every possible site you​ can, you're helping to​ establish more Article Directories with a​ higher Page Rank than ever before!

This can only bode well for​ everybody.

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