Sell Services Online

Sell Services Online
Is it​ possible to​ take a​ normal offline service business like a​ legal practice,​ private medical practitioner or​ even a​ real estate business and make money with it​ from the​ Internet?
As someone who’s been doing this since 1996,​ I​ say the​ answer is​ a​ resounding YES.
If you are a​ business owner,​ or​ even an​ affiliate marketer,​ you know how hard it​ is​ to​ make a​ living online.
Many so-called Internet Marketing gurus will tell you that the​ only way to​ make money online is​ to​ create your own information products,​ hype them up with a​ completely fictitious sales letter and then sell via Clickbank,​ allowing an​ army of​ keen and eager affiliates to​ do your marketing for you.
Whilst that can and does work,​ there are other paths that are equally successful.
I know from experience,​ having made my living online by using my own web sites to​ promote other people’s businesses.
The business I​ chose were all service oriented .​
The reason for this is​ that a​ service business typically has a​ low overhead in​ order to​ provide the​ service .​
I found that they were more willing to​ provide me with a​ larger share of​ the​ fees I​ was able to​ generate.
The key is​ to​ use sales language and speak to​ the​ businesses clients in​ language that they understand and respond to.
For example,​ there’s no point using a​ 5 page sales letter when you’re trying to​ sell the​ services of​ a​ conservative legal practice – it​ just won’t work.
The other key thing is​ to​ build the​ web site in​ a​ way that it​ looks to​ be providing objective advice.
People like objectivity when they are buying.
The sites I​ tend to​ concentrate on​ are business to​ business sites .​
I​ just don’t like selling to​ individuals,​ as​ they have less money to​ spend and are infinitely more fussy than a​ corporate buyer who typically just wants the​ facts.
My approach works and through various web sites,​ I​ have attracted the​ business of​ quite a​ few household name clients for my clients.
The great thing about the​ way I​ do business,​ is​ that I​ don’t necessarily have a​ client when I​ build my web sites.
Instead,​ I​ build a​ web site based on​ a​ certain topic and then quite literally build a​ business around it.
The sales copy doesn’t have to​ be blistering hot,​ it​ just has to​ be convincing and contain a​ strong call to​ action for the​ reader on​ the​ particular web page.
Make that call to​ action strong enough and the​ customers will come knocking on​ the​ door and there will be no need for cold-calling .​
The web site does the​ selling for you.
Of course,​ it’s not just down to​ the​ sales copy .​
There are a​ number of​ tools that can be used very effectively in​ order to​ make selling services online extremely easy.
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