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Sell Photos
Photographers,​ to​ me,​ are a​ lot like writers .​
You begin doing what you do because you love it .​
Money is​ not something that comes easily,​ and many people never get to​ the​ level where they can make a​ living from photography or​ writing .​
It is​ often a​ labor of​ love,​ and if​ you want to​ do it​ for the​ rest of​ your life,​ you really have to​ work at​ it .​
It also seems to​ be a​ career that is​ either feast or​ famine .​
You may work hard and get very little for a​ very long time .​
But if​ you keep up this hard work,​ you may be able to​ start to​ sell photos for a​ lot of​ money .​
However,​ for many people,​ this is​ not easy.
There are newer ways for photographers to​ sell photos today,​ thanks to​ the​ Internet .​
Stock photos have always been around,​ and have long been a​ way to​ make money,​ but now you can find them more easily than every before .​
Many companies have stock photos online,​ which speeds up the​ process of​ finding and selling photos for both the​ consumer and the​ photographers.
If you take photos,​ but you can’t seem to​ figure out how to​ make a​ living doing so,​ you should look into stock photography .​
There are new Internet sites popping up every day,​ and many of​ them need quality photos .​
I​ have used many myself when I​ needed a​ good photo to​ go with an​ article .​
There are more and more sites popping up that sell photos,​ and even new photographers can get in​ on​ the​ act .​
You simply upload your photos per the​ sites requirements and then wait until someone buys your photo .​
You can sell photos in​ heaps this way,​ and you can make some decent money doing so.
Some of​ the​ stock sites will pay you revenue per download .​
They may sell a​ lot of​ photos,​ and you make a​ lot of​ money .​
You will have to​ read their terms to​ see how much you may get per download .​
Some pay more than others,​ and in​ some cases,​ you have to​ sell photos for quite a​ while before anything substantial comes in​ .​
Don’t let that discourage you .​
Keep taking good photographs and keep submitting them to​ these sites .​
The more you have,​ the​ more photos you are going to​ sell .​
You will also notice that as​ your work improves,​ you are going to​ sell photos faster than you can take them .​
Even just having your work on​ a​ site like this can lead to​ bigger things .​

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