Self Motivation With Your Other Than Conscious Mind

Self Motivation With Your Other Than Conscious Mind

"It is​ as​ if​ evolution has built a​ safety device in​ our nervous system that allows us to​ experience full happiness only when we are living at​ 100% - when we are fully using the​ physical and​ mental equipment we have been given." ~Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, persuasively. . . are you functioning at​ 100% of​ your capacity? We're born to​ learn, thrive, live and​ search for​ happiness, meaning and​ fulfillment, and​ yet many find these things to​ be out of​ reach. Why is​ it​ that some people struggle with their finances, their love relationships, their weight, and​ a​ general lack of​ motivation, while others seem to​ live up to​ their full potential with ease?

We're living in​ accelerated times with technology advancing faster than we can keep up with it. as​ a​ result of​ all the​ external stimulation, I believe we have a​ disconnect with our other-than-conscious selves. Once we repair that disconnection, amazing, miraculous things can happen.

If we consider our subconscious mind a​ friend, and​ communicate with it​ directly, succinctly and, in​ a​ way, strictly, we can move mountains.

The gentle giant is​ a​ power capable of​ being harnessed to​ aid us in​ our pursuit of​ fulfillment. They've been with us since the​ minute we were born and​ since then, they've been learning by observing what it​ is​ we hear and​ do.

Everything that goes on around us is​ being filtered into this other-than-conscious.

As children we were conditioned whether that be through rewards, punishments, through school and​ experiences. Our other-than-conscious learned too--it learned to​ expect certain ways of​ being, creating metaphorical maps of​ what we could expect out of​ life based on this early conditioning.

Of its many roles, the​ subconscious is​ a​ powerful persuader--self-persuader--and when you understand this, you are naturally able to​ engage its help.

The main function of​ the​ other-than-conscious is​ to​ keep us alive. Another is​ to​ keep us doing exactly what we've always been doing. This is, at​ times, problematic, especially when you're trying to​ make big changes in​ your life.

It's possible that your other-than-conscious has been sabotaged by negative conditioning. it​ runs on a​ 'I can't do that' program. This part of​ the​ brain is​ responsible for​ turning something into a​ habit by helping you know something on 'auto pilot' instead of​ having to​ 'remember' it. This works both positively and​ negatively for​ us.

As we reframe the​ power of​ our other-than-conscious as​ a​ partner instead of​ something we hardly ever consider or​ communicate with, it​ can really make an​ enormous difference in​ our lives.

So the​ big question is: how do we befriend this gentle giant? Well. . . how do you make any other friend? You gain rapport with them. It's that easy.

I thought this was silly at​ first too. I thought, 'Why do I have to​ make friends with a​ part of​ myself?' Take that leap of​ faith and​ you're going to​ find a​ huge difference in​ your life.

And this is​ how to​ do it: Give yourself a​ little pep talk. Ask for​ what you need help with. 'Dear Gentle Giant. . . I'd love to​ double our income. I think we're absolutely worth it.' or​ maybe, 'Hi. I know we've had some rocky relationships and​ there has been a​ bad pattern created and​ now, I'd like to​ end that and​ have a​ great connection. What do you think? Let's do it​ together.'

You could also ask for​ help with things you're learning, as​ in, 'Gentle giant, I would absolutely love to​ have my persuasion skills increase exponentially. You are really the​ one I can count on for​ help.'

Everything that you are, everything that you do, and​ everything that you have began with your intention to​ have it​ in​ one way or​ another is​ controlled by your other-than-conscious mind. All you have to​ do is​ tap into your persuasive power and​ your persuasion skills will naturally develop.

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