Preparing For Your St Thomas Vacation

Preparing For Your St Thomas Vacation

Preparing For Your St .​
Thomas Vacation
Each year,​ a​ large number of​ families and couples make the​ decision to​ vacation in​ St .​
Thomas .​
If you are interested in​ becoming one of​ those individuals,​ there are a​ number of​ steps that you should take to​ prepare for your St .​
Thomas vacation.
Many travelers mistakenly believe that vacation preparation begins the​ week or​ two before your vacation .​
If you are interested in​ traveling to​ the​ Caribbean or​ overseas,​ you will need to​ start planning your vacation well in​ advance .​
This planning often includes obtaining a​ passport .​
Passports can easily be obtained; however,​ they may take some time to​ process .​
Requesting a​ passport months before your vacation to​ St .​
Thomas is​ the​ best way to​ ensure that you will have it​ on​ time.
In addition to​ a​ passport,​ you will need other forms of​ identification .​
a​ driver’s license is​ the​ best thing to​ bring along .​
If you do not have a​ driver’s license another form of​ identification with your picture on​ it​ should be good enough .​
Before leaving on​ our vacation,​ you may want to​ consider making copies of​ all of​ your important documents .​
These copies may come in​ handy if​ you happen to​ loose or​ misplace the​ originals .​

Since most travelers stay at​ least a​ week in​ St .​
Thomas,​ you will want to​ make sure that someone will be able to​ watch over your home or​ your pets,​ if​ you have any .​
This person can be a​ close friend,​ family member,​ co-worker,​ or​ neighbor .​
It is​ important that you leave them detailed instructions on​ how to​ care for your pets .​
If you do not need anyone to​ watch over your home,​ you will want to​ place your mail on​ hold .​
This can easily be done by visiting your local post office .​

When you know exactly when you will be leaving and where you will be staying,​ you are urged to​ let a​ friend or​ family member know .​
If you have developed an​ itinerary for your vacation,​ you should give a​ copy to​ someone that you know .​
In the​ event that something goes wrong back home,​ you will be able to​ be reached in​ a​ short period of​ time .​

Once you have made the​ above mentioned plans,​ you can begin to​ start packing for your vacation .​
When packing,​ it​ is​ encouraged that you leave valuable items at​ home .​
Many times,​ if​ you lose or​ misplace some of​ your belongings,​ you will be the​ one who will have to​ pay for replacements .​
It is​ also advised that you properly tag your entire luggage with your name and contact information .​
Should your luggage get lost in​ the​ air or​ on​ the​ ground,​ an​ identification tag may come in​ handy .​

When vacationing in​ St .​
Thomas,​ it​ is​ likely that you will bring along spending money you .​
You are advised against carry large sums of​ money .​
If you must bring cash with you,​ you are encouraged to​ divide your money into smaller amounts .​
Storing your cash in​ multiple locations will prevent you from being without funds in​ the​ event that your money gets lost or​ stolen .​
Instead of​ carrying large amounts of​ cash,​ you may want to​ consider cashiers checks,​ traveler’s checks,​ or​ money orders .​

When traveling around St .​
Thomas,​ you are advised against brining a​ purse along with you .​
Purses and large wallets are sometimes targets to​ thieves .​
Instead of​ carrying a​ purse or​ a​ wallet you may want to​ consider a​ money pouch .​
Money pouches that tuck right into your shirt can be purchased from most dollar stores in​ the​ United States .​
This small purchase makes it​ difficult or​ impossible for you to​ lose your money or​ have it​ stolen.
Using some of​ the​ tips mentioned above is​ the​ best way to​ plan for your St .​
Thomas vacation .​
St .​
Thomas is​ located in​ the​ Caribbean,​ should anything go wrong you are most likely far away from home .​
Taking the​ time to​ fully prepare for your vacation is​ the​ best way to​ make sure that nothing goes awry.

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