Preparing For An Adventure Vacation In Slovenia

Preparing for an​ Adventure Vacation in​ Slovenia
If you are up to​ an​ adventure vacation that is​ truly memorable,​ try going to​ Piran in​ Slovenia .​
The charming town can be reached for only two hours if​ you are coming from Venice .​
Compared to​ other places nearby,​ Piran is​ considered as​ one of​ the​ most interesting because it​ hasn’t been changed by modernization a​ lot .​
Although there are existent commercial establishments,​ the​ beauty of​ the​ town has more or​ less remained the​ same since medieval times .​
Before finalizing your adventure vacation in​ Piran in​ Slovenia,​ there are so many things that you need to​ prepare .​
Getting to​ Piran is​ one of​ the​ major considerations for your trip .​
In order to​ be prepared in​ going there,​ you must know what are the​ available means of​ transportation that you can use .​
There are basically three modes of​ traveling off to​ Piran .​
One is​ getting there by land using a​ train from Koper .​
Another is​ through ferry travel from Venice or​ from other coastal cities located at​ the​ northern Adriatic .​
You can also travel via air through a​ charter flight from the​ regional airport at​ the​ Portoroz or​ a​ flight from Trieste to​ Rome from New York and Chicago .​
Staying in​ Piran is​ also one of​ the​ things that you need to​ consider because this will entail your safety as​ well as​ of​ your belongings .​
The most popular places to​ stay include the​ Hotel Tartini located at​ the​ main square or​ at​ the​ Max Hotel inside an​ early 18th-century building .​
You also need to​ prepare your timetable including the​ date you wish to​ go there and the​ length of​ your stay .​
One week is​ ideal to​ visit all the​ places in​ Piran as​ well as​ its neighboring places .​
It is​ advisable to​ go there during the​ summer months of​ June to​ August because of​ the​ warm Mediterranean climate .​
(TIP: Try traveling in​ late spring or​ early fall to​ have cheaper prices and accommodations.)

Discovering a​ great medieval city
One great thing in​ Piran is​ that you can see and enjoy the​ sights and activities that can be found in​ its nearby cities like Dubrovnik or​ in​ some other places in​ Italy or​ Croatia,​ only that you don’t have to​ spend so much money .​
This is​ because Piran offers one of​ the​ lowest costs to​ tourists in​ terms of​ places to​ stay,​ food,​ amenities,​ basic items,​ and other necessities .​
Piran can be considered as​ one of​ the​ most relaxing places for an​ adventure vacation because it​ stimulates adrenaline rush just by looking and walking through wonderful places that remind of​ the​ medieval times .​
Aside from the​ great architecture that can be seen surrounding the​ place,​ one of​ the​ things that is​ really exciting about this place is​ that it​ will give you an​ opportunity to​ peek into other neighboring islands and towns .​
As early as​ the​ 7th century,​ people from all over were amazed by the​ charm of​ this place .​
And since it​ has been under the​ Venice rule for 500 years,​ many parts of​ the​ city reflect strong influences of​ colonialism .​
What makes this city an​ ideal adventure vacation spot is​ its being a​ ‘walking city.’ People can just walk around the​ place for sightseeing,​ discovering street food,​ and observing the​ lifestyle of​ the​ locals .​
Encircled by narrow cobblestone streets,​ you can always find an​ activity to​ enjoy or​ a​ place to​ discover.
Having locals that are naturally friendly and accommodating,​ you would not find yourself bored for even just one minute .​
Walking through the​ city can open you up to​ many possibilities like discovering a​ nice local restaurant,​ a​ lovely coffee shop or​ can even give you a​ glimpse of​ the​ local culture as​ shown in​ the​ activities held at​ the​ town square .​
If you are up for a​ more thrilling adventure vacation,​ you can visit the​ Venetian-style campanile sitting atop a​ hill that allow you have magnificent views of​ Croatia and Italy or​ drive around and discover the​ beauty of​ the​ Trieste,​ Pula and Opatija or​ the​ Triglav National Park.
If you still have free time,​ visit Venice by catching a​ quick ferry or​ roam around and visit several vineyards and wineries nearby .​

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