Online Sports Trading A Viable Investment

Online Sports Trading A Viable Investment

Online Sports Trading - a​ Viable Investment?
What if​ there was some way to​ tap into the​ ever-growing popularity of​ world-wide sport that could turn the​ gambling factor of​ sports betting into an​ investment vehicle producing sustainable results over the​ long-term such as​ equity trading?
Sports Trading was conceptualized and bridge between conventional sports betting and real-world stock trading was built.
Please note: generalizations are used in​ this article because sport trading exchanges can differ in​ nature and offerings.
What is​ Sports Trading?
You may immediately associate sports trading with that of​ card trading but until fairly recently,​ sports trading has taken on​ another exciting meaning.
Although the​ actual definition of​ sports trading may differ exactly depending on​ the​ type of​ exchange in​ question,​ it​ is​ essentially the​ act of​ investing in​ virtual sports issues or​ contracts (i.e .​
sports teams,​ players or​ markets) .​
Sports trading is​ not to​ be confused with sports betting (betting against a​ bookmaker) or​ some other form of​ fancy gambling,​ sports trading runs along the​ same investment lines as​ trading on​ a​ conventional stock market exchange (e.g .​
Wall Street) .​
Participants of:

  • Fantasy sports games
  • Stock trading simulation games
  • Sports betting exchanges

will identify a​ commonalty with a​ typical sports trading exchange .​
Although sport trading is​ still somewhat dwarfed by the​ sports betting and real-world trading industries,​ there is​ no question of​ the​ future popularity for this concept as​ people from all backgrounds are coming together to​ trade be it​ virtual stocks or​ issues or​ real contracts for real money on​ any sports related market,​ offered by the​ online sport trading exchange.
Sports trading exchanges are developing sophisticated technology,​ commonly employing a​ proprietary trading platform and in​ most cases,​ with a​ Level II type trading interface .​
It is​ typical of​ a​ global sports trading exchange to​ offer around-the-clock (i.e .​
24/7) trading as​ exchange members are not inhibited with limited or​ set trading hours so are free trade anytime,​ from anyplace around the​ world.
Advantages over Sports Betting
Sports trading has the​ thrill of​ sports betting but without the​ inherit risk of​ gambling that sports betting produces.
Some notable advantages sport trading has over conventional sports betting are (trading exchange dependant):

  • Far less risk; eliminates the​ 'all or​ nothing' situation
  • Can still profit even from an​ event loss
  • Capital appreciation
  • Dividend income
  • Not solely competing against professionals
  • Greater chance of​ success (not limited to​ above reason)
  • Can be invested with minimal effort

Sport trading eliminates the​ gambling factor associated with sports betting; traders seldom lose their total investment in​ a​ stock holding (i.e .​
they have the​ ability to​ trade out to​ prevent further loss),​ the​ sports bettor loses their entire wager with an​ incorrect guess .​
The sports trader is​ not competing solely against professional bookmakers whose job is​ to​ get the​ better of​ you - more often .​
Sport trading exchanges are about people-to-people interaction so you are pitting your skill,​ judgement and knowledge against fairer competition .​
Learn to​ be savvy and you end up with the​ edge .​
Once invested,​ the​ sports trader can theoretically sit-back and monitor their investments passively; the​ sports bettor must normally wager every time to​ potentially make money and therefore,​ incur greater risk on​ each and every bet.
Advantages over conventional stock trading
Participants of​ stock trading already will find other useful benefits from a​ typical sport trading exchange such as:

  • Lower trading fees due to​ being solely online trading
  • Greater participation from a​ wider audience
  • Not being exclusive to​ professionals
  • Around the​ clock trading (no set trading sessions)
  • Wider-economy independence
  • Readily accessible sport information for all
  • Global trading stock exchanges

The global online sport trader is​ conveniently afforded time-zone irrelevant trading from an​ online trading environment that typically does not shut for trading .​
With the​ world-wide following sport increasingly enjoys (activity is​ seldom subject to​ prevailing economic factors that affect conventional trading exchanges) and the​ substantial amount of​ publicly available information not subject to​ a​ privileged few,​ sport traders can finally compete on​ fairer terms with other traders.
Online sports trading on​ virtual trading exchanges provide a​ wonderfully unique cross over between conventional sports betting and real-world stock trading in​ essence; they combine many of​ the​ advantages of​ the​ two,​ in​ a​ single investment product.
The opportunities that exist on​ these virtual exchanges and the​ resulting advantages are too long to​ detail here but it​ is​ the​ hope of​ this article to​ spread further awareness and the​ investment advantages of​ sport trading because this is​ a​ viable form of​ investment worthy of​ promotion.

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