Motivational Thoughts Make Your Own Holiday Day

Motivational Thoughts Make Your Own Holiday Day

March 26th is​ Make Your Own Holiday Day. This is​ one of​ the​ most flexible holidays. You can celebrate this day for​ any reason you wish. it​ is​ for​ you. Make a​ day to​ celebrate a​ day you have forgotten, or​ invent one for​ your fun. There is​ no compulsion and​ no common theme for​ the​ day. This day is​ for​ each of​ us to​ enjoy a​ holiday. I have not been able to​ find out how this tradition originated.

But is​ a​ great idea. Make a​ holiday today, if​ it​ is​ 26th March. Why not to​ expand the​ idea little further and​ begin celebrating many more days for​ no rhyme or​ reason but to​ enjoy and​ have fun? All right, we need not take a​ holiday from work on all such days, but can try to​ create a​ holiday like atmosphere. Can this not be done? Let me elaborate. for​ example, I make 7th of​ every month a​ special day for​ myself. I work on that day, but try to​ bring in​ as​ much fun as​ possible. Throw parties, go walking, take life little less seriously and​ try to​ fill the​ day with as​ much joy as​ possible. I hope that I am making myself clear.

All of​ us have conditioned our minds. We will celebrate each holiday on a​ particular day and​ follow the​ particular tradition for​ that. Why? Why not to​ be little more inventive and​ create our own holidays along with other traditional ones? Imagine 12 more days a​ year full of​ fun and​ joy. Let me give another example. Say, I was born on the​ 10th April. Generally, I will celebrate my birthday on that day every year. Why cannot I call every 10th my birthday and​ have fun? No, I am not asking for​ presents for​ twelve birthdays, but at​ least nothing can stop me from treating friends? Nothing can stop me from enjoying the​ 10th of​ every month as​ my birthday and​ carry that cheer in​ my heart? I am not asking my friends to​ send me cards, but won't they be happy to​ get ecard from me thanking them? or​ an​ ecard to​ say a​ Hello? or​ an​ ecard to​ wish Good Morning?

Only our attitude stops us from making a​ day cheerful for​ our friends and​ ourselves. 26th March reminds us of​ the​ immense possibilities of​ human imagination to​ make our life a​ beautiful life. Best, let us make everyday a​ holiday. Let everyday be a​ holiday from worries and​ stress. Give tension a​ holiday everyday. Give a​ very long and​ permanent holiday to​ all those emotions such as​ jealousy, worry, stress, tension, and​ their friends.

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