Motivational Speakers Creating A Vehicle For Dreams

Motivational Speakers Creating A Vehicle For Dreams

Motivation is​ the​ fuel that feeds our dreams and​ drives us to​ succeed, and​ the​ right motivational speaker can change your next training event from an​ arbitrary collection of​ dos and​ don’ts to​ a​ pit stop that will breathe new life into your business.

The role of​ a​ motivational speaker may seem a​ bit elusive. the​ title implies a​ call to​ action and​ the​ goal at​ the​ end of​ the​ day is​ to​ facilitate a​ change in​ behaviour. the​ last generation of​ motivators were adept at​ getting an​ audience to​ believe - “I can do it!” - but they often failed to​ provide the​ tools, or​ failed to​ start shaping the​ skills, that are necessary to​ implement this new-found inspiration.

The key to​ effective motivation is​ sustainability. a​ true motivator not only provides the​ fuel for​ dreams; he also provides the​ vehicle needed to​ achieve those dreams.

Modern speakers facilitate sustainable motivation in, broadly speaking, two ways:

The metaphoric-style motivational speaker: This style of​ speaking may be used by a​ motivational speaker who does not necessarily hail from a​ business background, or​ from a​ business that is​ similar to​ yours.

A speaker who draws on effective metaphors may come from a​ sporting background; he may have achieved remarkable things on a​ private crusade; in​ some way, he has likely overcome adversity and​ faced great challenges to​ reach his goal; and​ he is​ without fail a​ team player.

Such a​ speaker may challenge your views on the​ definition of​ success. He may analyse personality types and​ their individual places in​ a​ team environment. in​ any case, he would draw from personal experience to​ address topics such as​ leader selection, conflict resolution and​ change management, demonstrating what methods can be used to​ overcome the​ challenges faced by your team.

The tailored motivational speaker: a​ tailored motivational speaker will be more specific in​ meeting the​ unique needs of​ your business. He - or​ she - would go through a​ very thorough briefing with you and​ then address anything that is​ identified as​ a​ particular problem area, or​ that is​ a​ facet of​ your business that you wish to​ focus on.

As with a​ speaker who draws upon metaphors, a​ tailored speaker will also provide the​ tools necessary to​ achieve the​ established goals. He will provide the​ motivation as​ well as​ the​ suggested methods for​ carrying out the​ appropriate changes.

A tailored speaker will also address the​ need to​ measure the​ effects of​ the​ changes made in​ your business. Bob Miller, a​ very accomplished professional keynote speaker, advises that, “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it!”

What Makes a​ Great Motivational Speaker?

While sustainability is​ a​ critical factor in​ the​ type and​ style of​ the​ presenter chosen, it​ goes without saying that a​ professional motivational speaker must also have outstanding oral communication skills.

Structured content and​ the​ ability to​ entertain are essential qualities in​ a​ motivational speaker. He must be able to​ create a​ bond with the​ audience, to​ connect to​ them, to​ understand their own personal needs and​ desires and​ then address them in​ the​ larger context of​ the​ business environment.

Motivational speaking requires extensive preparation and​ much hard work. All this comes to​ naught, however, if​ the​ rare gift for​ truly effective communication is​ not there.

The Benefit to​ Your Business

A professional motivational speaker really comes into his/her own as​ a​ keynote speaker at​ important events. Whether you are delivering a​ message, announcing a​ new initiative or​ launching a​ new sales campaign, a​ professional public speaker will make sure that your business receives the​ most possible benefit from a​ function or​ event.

If you consider for​ one moment the​ launch of​ a​ new sales campaign with, for​ instance, 800 sales people in​ audience and​ featuring a​ one hour speech. in​ real time, this works out to​ 800 hours of​ wages - 100 working days, or​ over 13 weeks!

With so much at​ stake it​ is​ imperative that you make an​ informed decision when choosing the​ business speaker for​ your next event.

Spend your time and​ money wisely. Reap the​ full benefits of​ corporate events with a​ professional motivational speaker and​ give your staff - and, by extension, your business - the​ drive to​ succeed and​ the​ vehicle to​ achieve their dreams!

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