Motivation Is Consistency In Action

Motivation Is Consistency In Action

We all exercise for​ the​ results. Different people are looking for​ different results or​ outcomes. Goals vary from weight loss, athletic performance, endurance, strength, toning, body building to​ more flexibility, etc. Here are 10 tips for​ motivation and​ consistency to​ get results and​ achieve your goals.

Exercise with a​ Buddy. Try working out with a​ friend, spouse, or​ co-worker. It’s harder to​ skip a​ workout if​ you know someone is​ counting on you. the​ buddy system brings a​ social element to​ exercise which makes it​ more fun.

Set a​ New Goal. an​ initial goal sets a​ foundation in​ which future training goals are based. Setting a​ goal, such as​ entering a​ 5K race or​ rock climbing, may never have entered your mind. But after your initial goal is​ met, you will see new, interesting, and​ fun adventures in​ fitness you never thought possible.

Change Your Routine. Just a​ slight variation can take you to​ a​ new level in​ your workout. We use periodized training, a​ systemized approach involving progressive cycling of​ various aspects of​ training protocol, in​ 6 week intervals to​ avoid plateaus, boredom and​ for​ maximum effect. if​ you feel you are at​ a​ stand still, train three times a​ week for​ 3-4 weeks and​ experience the​ difference.

Treat Yourself to​ Variety. a​ heart-rate monitor, jump rope, Physioball, medicine ball, and​ other exercise equipment can help you work out more effectively and​ make your workouts more fun and​ challenging. Try adding a​ sport to​ your activities instead of​ always working out in​ the​ gym.

Try Something New. Personal trainers will challenge you with exercises you’ve never tried before. Training with different trainers also provides variety plus you learn from the​ experience of​ a​ team of​ trainers. if​ you always walk on a​ treadmill, try riding an​ exercise bike or​ an​ elliptical trainer. if​ you always lift with machines, try free weights instead.

Track Your Progress. Keep an​ exercise log. This will help you track your goals, monitor your progress and​ adjust your routine as​ necessary. Occasionally, test your maximum strength to​ determine your progress in​ total strength. By using a​ ten rep strength test, see how much weight you can bench press and​ leg press in​ ten reps. Use your first measurement of​ weight and​ reps as​ a​ benchmark and​ every three to​ four months, retest your strength.

Reward Yourself. When you reach a​ goal or​ milestone, treat yourself to​ something special – a​ massage, an​ evening out, new clothes or​ some other indulgence. Studies show rewards are a​ key to​ staying motivated.

Remember the​ Benefits. You know how good and​ healthy you feel after a​ workout? Make a​ mental note of​ that feeling. Use that memory to​ motivate yourself the​ next time you’re thinking of​ blowing off your workout.

Go Easy on Yourself. Stuff happens – doctor’s appointments, sick kids, illnesses. Don’t let a​ few missed workouts turn into a​ month of​ unfulfilled resolutions and​ move you further away from your goals.
Plan and​ be Ready to​ Exercise. Schedule your workouts like you schedule meetings and​ doctor appointments. Write your exercise time in​ your palm pilot or​ day planner. Pack you duffle bag with your gym clothes the​ night before you go to​ work or​ school. or​ have an​ extra duffle bag in​ the​ car ready to​ go just in​ case you forget your gym clothes. for​ more information on staying motivated and​ tips on exercise, go to​

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