Motivation In Life

Motivation In Life

So many of​ us are demotivated to​ achieve anything. Such people are not enthusiastic about anything. They don't want to​ work towards any goal. Nothing motivates them to​ work. Why is​ it​ so? Why many of​ us are not motivated? What is​ wrong?

We think in​ different ways and​ our thinking is​ decided by many factors. Some are known and​ some are unknown. the​ known factors are - thinking, circumstances, early upbringing, living style, culture, family support, friends, own intelligence etc. Our thoughts and​ our mental makeup is​ also decided by many factors that are yet not known. Two persons of​ similar upbringing may be facing similar situation, but react in​ opposite ways? there are so many whys about the​ human mind that it​ is​ very difficult to​ determine about what may happen.

Coming back to​ the​ central question - why are some of​ us totally demotivated? There is​ no easy answer. Can anything be done to​ propel such people towards work? Can one do anything to​ make them enthusiastitic about anything, so that they begin working towards it?

Take your own example. You are motivated to​ do one thing, but totally demotivated by something else. a​ mathematician may get very excited looking at​ a​ Math problem, but remain unaffected by the​ greatest pieces of​ music? Why? the​ musician acts exactly opposite, or​ may get equally excited by maths problem and​ music. Why? Our mind is​ a​ complex structure, about which we ourselves don't know much. How many of​ us can claim to​ know about their own mind? They may know about thier abilities and​ disabilities, their likes and​ dislikes, etc. but can they predict about their own reaction in​ a​ situation? very difficult.

One has to​ find one's own answers in​ such situations. One has to​ reflect himself/herself and​ decide about the​ action that can be taken to​ break the​ unmotivated state. Friends, family and​ even medical science can help one to​ a​ certain extent, but the​ final destination has to​ be reached by the​ person on his/her own.

If at​ anytime, you notice that a​ friend of​ yours is​ getting demotivated about life, try to​ inspire him/her as​ much as​ you can. Even if​ you are physically away from your friend you can send him inspirational ecards and​ tell him to​ download motivational screensavers and​ wallpapers. So motivate everyone who needs the​ boost.

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