Making Your House Stand Out In A Tough Market

Making Your House Stand Out In A Tough Market

Making Your House Stand Out in​ a​ Tough Market
Making Your House Stand Out in​ a​ Tough Market
As the​ real estate industry continues its downward trend, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to​ sell your home .​
Prices have dropped, there are more listings than ever to​ choose from and​ sellers are giving incredible deals to​ buyers .​
Here are a​ few tips to​ make your home stand out .​

Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is​ the​ first way to​ draw attention to​ your home .​
Since it​ is​ the​ first thing that anyone sees, you​ want the​ WOW factor .​
I​ know people that have bought houses just because of​ the​ spectacular landscaping .​
I​ also know people who have not even bothered looking inside of​ a​ house because of​ the​ condition of​ the​ exterior .​
Make sure the​ exterior of​ the​ house is​ in​ tip-top shape so the​ potential buyer immediately wants to​ see the​ inside.
The following is​ your list of​ items to​ maintain curb appeal:
• Cut grass
• Trim all hedges and​ bushes
• Add mulch to​ beds
• Have flowering plants or​ potted flowers on​ the​ porch
• Keep toys out of​ sight and​ place in​ the​ backyard or​ in​ a​ shed
• Clean all cluttering debris such as​ sticks, garbage, old newspapers, etc.
• Replace all the​ light bulbs surrounding the​ house
You want the​ inside of​ your house to​ wow potential buyers just as​ much as​ the​ outside .​

The following checklist gives ultimate interior appeal .​
Make sure all items are completed before the​ first showing of​ your house is​ scheduled.
• Clean! Every floor, window, closet and​ cupboard!
• Remove excess clutter, toys, paperwork and​ knick-knacks .​
Clutter makes counter tops and​ rooms appear smaller than they really are .​

• Paint the​ walls in​ dirty rooms or​ where a​ room needs brightening .​
Bright rooms give the​ appearance that they are more spacious.
• Make repairs to​ anything needed – hinges, doorknobs, plaster, steps, plumbing, etc.
• Replace all burned out light bulbs.
• Wash all window coverings .​
Open all of​ the​ curtains and​ blinds before a​ showing .​
Natural light makes a​ room appear bigger.
• Open the​ doors and​ windows before a​ showing to​ fill the​ home with fresh air.
When the​ inside and​ outside are clean and​ neat, you​ may need to​ provide a​ bigger incentive to​ your potential buyers .​
if​ the​ house has repairs that you​ didn’t have the​ time or​ cash to​ fix, you​ can offer credit towards the​ purchase price .​
That way, you​ acknowledge the​ repairs and​ give the​ buyer a​ discount for​ accepting the​ home as​ is​ .​

Another option is​ to​ offer an​ allotment if​ your house needs new carpeting or​ flooring .​
Buyers like allotments because they get the​ item new, plus they get to​ pick out their colors .​
a​ win-win situation for​ everyone.
The time spent cleaning, making minor repairs, and​ providing incentives for​ major repairs, will make your home stand out above the​ competition .​
Although these little fixes may require some time and​ effort, selling quickly in​ a​ tough market will be worth the​ effort in​ the​ end!

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