Magnesium Wheels Race To U.S. Market

Automotive enthusiasts can now upgrade their vehicles with high-performance, forged magnesium wheels adapted from Formula One racing designs. recently announced the​ introduction of​ one-piece, forged magnesium wheels for​ street use in​ North America. the​ wheels are 20 percent to​ 30 percent lighter than forged aluminum and​ offer increased safety and​ performance.

"The U.S. wheel market is​ quite formidable and​ we intend to​ supply a​ smaller but very important segment of​ the​ 100 million vehicle wheels used in​ North America," said Mark Lisnyansky, president of​

The magnesium alloy wheels are initially available in​ 20-inch and​ 22-inch sizes, and​ are treated with a​ high-tech anti-corrosion coating. the​ company will also be developing wheels in​ various sizes and​ compositions for​ specific North American applications.

"Steel wheels are becoming nearly obsolete and​ the​ prevailing trend is​ toward cast aluminum wheels," Lisnyansky said. "While most people are not familiar with forged wheels, performance car enthusiasts know that forged wheels offer significant advantages. and​ forged magnesium wheels, which are lighter and​ much stronger than their aluminum counterparts, are the​ next logical step in​ optimizing vehicle performance."

Magnesium wheels offer consumers improved safety by shortening braking distances and​ delivering higher acceleration rates as​ well as​ improving gas mileage. the​ "dampening" factor of​ magnesium allows for​ vibrations caused by road imperfections to​ be absorbed six times more effectively.

Using specialized aviation industry equipment, the​ company has been producing Superbike and​ Formula One competition wheel forgings for​ many years. the​ wheels are forged in​ Russia by a​ subsidiary and​ then machined and​ finished in​ Italy.
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