How To Sell More Of Your Ebooks Online

How To Sell More Of Your Ebooks Online

Have you written an​ e-book? an​ e-book is​ a​ digital document that can be sold online in​ a​ purely digital form. Thus,​ unlike with selling a​ physical product,​ the​ fulfillment of​ an​ e-book is​ done completely online. This is​ great for you,​ the​ author,​ since you can completely automate the​ order taking and fulfillment processes.

Once you have the​ fulfillment process automated,​ the​ question becomes how to​ market the​ e-book online in​ order to​ get people to​ buy it. “How do I effectively market my e-books online?” is​ one of​ the​ most common questions I hear from my clients. Here are five tips that will help you sell more of​ your e-books and generate more revenue:

- Find a​ target market to​ sell the​ e-book to. Many people think that everyone is​ their target market,​ and as​ a​ result try to​ sell their e-book to​ everyone. They usually end up chasing after potential customers who are not in​ their target market and are not likely to​ ever purchase the​ book. Their e-book sales suffer as​ a​ result.

Instead of​ trying to​ sell your e-book to​ everyone,​ concentrate on​ a​ smaller group of​ people who comprise your target market. These people are much more likely to​ purchase what you have to​ offer,​ and as​ a​ result you will get many more sales.

- Create an​ effective sales letter for your e-book. Since you cannot take a​ picture of​ your e-book and post it​ on​ your web site (unlike a​ piece of​ jewelry,​ for example),​ your need to​ use the​ sales letter to​ promote the​ e-book.

Make sure that your sales letter effectively describes your e-book and focuses on​ the​ benefits your clients will get by purchasing your e-book. Highlighting the​ benefits will keep people reading the​ sales letter,​ and it​ will generate more e-book sales.

- Give your customers just a​ few options on​ your web site. Sometimes clients tell me that their sales letters don’t sell. When I take a​ look at​ the​ sales letters,​ they are usually a​ big mess. Sales letters that do not sell contain too many distractions for the​ reader: they have links to​ other web pages and web sites,​ banners,​ and text ads for other products.

Make sure that your sales letter provides only a​ few options to​ your customers – an​ option to​ buy the​ product and an​ option to​ subscribe to​ your newsletter,​ and that’s it. the​ fewer options you give to​ your web site visitors,​ the​ more likely they are to​ buy your product.

- Have a​ newsletter subscription on​ your web site. Sometimes people who come to​ your web site and see your e-book are not ready to​ purchase the​ e-book. However,​ they are ready to​ subscribe to​ your newsletter and learn more about you and your products. These people will be ready to​ buy your e-book eventually,​ so make sure that you keep in​ touch with them through your newsletter.

- Use online marketing techniques to​ promote your e-book further. Use search engine optimization,​ business blogging,​ article publishing and other online marketing techniques to​ promote your web site and e-book. These methods will bring more visitors to​ your web site,​ who are craving the​ information that you share in​ your e-book.

You can only make money with your e-book if​ you sell it. Follow the​ five tips that we​ discussed to​ sell more e-book copies and make more money.

How To Sell More Of Your Ebooks Online

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