How To Determine If A Site Is Selling Authentic Designer Handbags

How to​ Determine if​ a​ Site is​ Selling Authentic Designer Handbags
Many websites on​ the​ internet sell handbags .​
Many of​ them claim they are authentic,​ some don't exactly say authentic but trick you​ into thinking replicas are authentic .​
In reality,​ it​ takes a​ smart shopper to​ determine which sites can be trusted .​
Many of​ the​ sites do indeed sell authentic handbags at​ discounted prices,​ and you​ shouldn't let a​ few bad apples ruin your chance at​ scoring a​ bargain .​
Just do your due diligence and you​ will come out on​ top -- and with a​ beautiful handbag that you​ paid only a​ fraction of​ what your girlfriends paid for it.
Here are some simple tips to​ help you​ determine whether the​ site is​ selling authentic handbags:
1 .​
Guarantee: a​ web site selling authentic hand bags will always have an​ authenticity guarantee: Authentic or​ your money back .​
For example,​ at​,​ there is​ an​ authenticity guarantee not once,​ but 4 times on​ just the​ front page .​
If there isn't one,​ you​ should be concerned.
2 .​
Quality: If a​ website is​ claiming that their bags are high quality,​ then this may be a​ cause for concern .​
Designer brand name handbags have a​ brand for a​ reason -- the​ brand speaks for the​ quality,​ and it's constant throughout .​
They may be talking about good quality knockoffs .​
However,​ this is​ not a​ dealbreaker.. .​
it​ may just be a​ store owner's mistake .​
3 .​
Chinese connections: Chinese companies usually sell fakes .​
Try going to​ a​ WHOIS service ( and enter the​ domain name .​
If it's registered to​ a​ Chinese company you​ should be concerned .​
This is​ not to​ say that the​ Chinese are illegitimate businessmen,​ but rather,​ there is​ less enforcement in​ China and more availability of​ fakes .​
4 .​
Contact: Any trustworthy web site will list a​ street address .​
If a​ web site does not list a​ street address or​ phone number,​ you​ should not do business with them .​
This applies to​ any online shopping site.
6 .​
Return policy: Stay away from web sites that will not take returns.
There is​ not one simple formula to​ determine if​ the​ handbags are authentic .​
It's a​ matter of​ your own personal judgment .​
You should not be afraid of​ shopping for handbags online because of​ this .​
Don't let low prices scare you​ away -- they can indeed be bought for 70% off retail .​
However,​ apply your own judgment and make sure you​ can contact the​ company and return the​ bag should you​ desire to​ do so .​
Read the​ descriptions,​ company information,​ etc .​
-- don't just look at​ pictures .​
If you​ are confident after viewing all these things,​ then you​ should enjoy your purchase and get out there and show off your new authentic handbag!

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