How To Choose A Motorcycle Pet Carrier

How To Choose A Motorcycle Pet Carrier

When choosing a​ motorcycle pet carrier, safety and​ practicality should be your main concerns. Keeping your pet safe is​ more important than having a​ fancy or​ stylish pet carrier. So what type of​ pet carrier should you choose when taking your cat or​ dog along for​ a​ motorcycle ride? Here are some key features that every motorcycle pet carrier or​ pet crate should have.

Durable and​ Protective

Probably the​ safest motorcycle pet carrier on the​ market is​ a​ pet crate made of​ hard, durable plastic. Some are even reinforced with lightweight aluminum for​ added strength. Pet crates made with an​ aerodynamic shape with these durable materials from top to​ bottom provide roll-cage like protection if​ an​ accident were to​ occur. Other types of​ pet carriers such as​ motorcycle pet bags, chest pouch carriers, and​ pet carrier tank pads, are not as​ safe because they expose the​ dog or​ cat, driver, and​ passenger to​ potential dangers and​ distractions.

Must-Have Safety Features

A motorcycle dog carrier or​ cat carrier should have certain safety features for​ everyone's protection. Its cage door should be secure at​ all times with no chance of​ the​ door flying open while riding over bumps or​ on curves. Your pet should not be able to​ open the​ door from the​ inside. the​ interior of​ the​ pet crate should be free of​ any hazardous protrusions. it​ should not have screws or​ other objects protruding outward (on the​ interior) that could harm the​ pet during a​ quick stop or​ turn.

The bottom of​ the​ pet crate should be leak-free and​ have an​ absorbent material in​ the​ bottom (just in​ case). Also, be sure the​ motorcycle pet carrier can be securely mounted to​ your motorcycle. Some pet carriers come with special mounting made for​ that particular carrier to​ maximize safety.

Proper Ventilation

Any motorcycle dog carrier or​ other type of​ carrier should have proper ventilation. Be sure an​ opening is​ available just large enough for​ your dog to​ stick his head out and​ enjoy the​ breeze! Some pet crates have removable side rails that enable you to​ remove and​ replace them as​ needed on the​ trip.

Enough Space for​ Comfort

Make sure the​ pet carrier provides adequate space for​ your pet's comfort while traveling. Your dog or​ cat should be able to​ move freely within the​ pet crate. They should be able to​ lie down, stand, and​ turn around with ease. Many pet crates come in​ various sizes so you can easily find the​ perfect fit for​ your pet.

Other features you might look for​ include a​ leash attachment, handles or​ grips for​ easy carrying by hand, and​ versatility. Versatility means the​ carrier can be easily converted into a​ scooter dog carrier, a​ hand-held carrier, or​ a​ bicycle pet carrier. This will save you money in​ the​ long run.

A motorcycle pet carrier with these mind-easing safety features will likely cost a​ little more than many other carriers, but you might save your pet's life by spending just a​ little more. Pet travel can be fun once you find a​ motorcycle pet carrier you can trust!

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