How To Buy A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Buy A Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is​ not an​ accessory, it​ a​ life saving gear. You must therefore spend considerable time in​ finding out how to​ buy a​ motorcycle helmet. Some of​ the​ points that you need to​ check are:

1. DOT Certification: the​ helmet that you buy must have a​ Department of​ Transportation certification. This is​ a​ guarantee that the​ helmet meets the​ basic safety requirements.

2. Retention: Do a​ roll off test before you buy a​ helmet. This test is​ simple. All that you need to​ do is​ to​ secure the​ straps, grab the​ rear lip of​ the​ helmet and​ try to​ roll it​ forward off your head. Don't stop if​ it​ hurts. a​ helmet should stay on your head at​ the​ moment of​ impact. if​ the​ helmet comes off, then don’t buy it. There is​ no point having a​ fractured head and​ an​ intact helmet lying a​ few feet away.

3. Fit: the​ fit decides the​ retention factor of​ a​ helmet. the​ fit should be snug and​ the​ helmet should stay stable. a​ full-face helmet should grip your cheeks and​ jaw as​ well as​ the​ top and​ sides of​ your head. When you move the​ helmet your skin must move as​ well.

4. Comfort: Comfort is​ a​ sum total of​ many things: the​ fit, the​ feel, the​ weight, the​ soundproofing. When trying on a​ helmet keep it​ on for​ at​ least 20 minutes. Then check to​ see what are the​ areas of​ discomfort.

5. Coverage: a​ full helmet is​ better than a​ half helmet and​ a​ full-face helmet (with a​ chin bar) gives more protection than an​ open-face style.

6. Face shield: if​ you are buying a​ helmet with a​ face shield go for​ Snell-certified helmets. the​ shield should be easy to​ operate and​ stay in​ position when raised. Also check for​ optical distortions. They can be dangerous.

7. Convenience features: Along with an​ extra shield and​ a​ quick-change face shield mechanism, a​ storage bag is​ a​ useful feature to​ look for. You can use it​ to​ carry helmets.

8. Comfort features: Vents, padded straps and, interchangeable padding shapes to​ fit your head shape are comfort features. But remember vents can cause wind noise and​ can also get damaged easily.

9. Appearance: Appearance is​ largely a​ personal choice. the​ only advantage that a​ florescent helmet has is​ that it​ will stand out more during the​ day.

10. Cost: Go for​ the​ helmet that meets all the​ criteria outlined above, even if​ it​ is​ cheaper than other helmets. Price is​ not always an​ absolute indicator of​ quality.

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