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Harbor Freight Tools
The first time that I​ ever went to​ Harbor Freight tools was about three years ago .​
Back then,​ I​ was working for a​ heating and cooling company that was not very honest .​
I​ went to​ the​ Harbor Freight tool Co .​
to​ buy all my own equipment .​
The way the​ company worked was that we​ had to​ buy our own gear,​ come in​ for training unpaid on​ the​ weekends,​ and start trying to​ sell heating and cooling equipment almost immediately.
Back then,​ I​ really appreciated the​ Harbor Freight tool store .​
I​ was pretty broke,​ so I​ couldn't take advantage of​ the​ Harbor Freight and tool prices for anything but the​ essentials,​ but they were pretty out of​ this world .​
As an​ electronic hobbyists,​ it​ was a​ real joy to​ see multimeters on​ sale for only a​ few bucks .​
The stuff that I​ did buy cost me less than it​ would have if​ I​ had gone to​ Home Depot or​ some other big supply chain .​
Although Harbor Freight and Tool wasn't as​ big as​ many other stores,​ it​ was excellent for what it​ was made for – buying hand tools.
I actually went back to​ Harbor Freight Tools just the​ other day .​
I​ was looking for some supplies that I​ needed for current projects .​
I​ had pretty mixed success there .​
I​ got excellent drill bits,​ and a​ little helping hands tool for only about three dollars .​
I​ also got a​ cute little radio control car to​ use for fun .​
That cost me all of​ three bucks – quite a​ deal .​
I​ was a​ little bit disappointed because I​ couldn't find everything that I​ needed there .​
You can't buy electric components at​ Harbor Freight Tools .​
They don't stock resistors,​ diodes,​ transistors,​ and stuff like that .​
They are for larger scale projects .​
For that stuff,​ you need to​ order through a​ catalog or​ go to​ RadioShack.
Still,​ it​ was surprising that I​ could find everything I​ did in​ one store that wasn't any bigger than your typical mom-and-pop hardware shop .​
I​ know that it​ is​ a​ chain,​ but Harbor Freight Tools still had a​ pretty friendly atmosphere .​
The girl at​ the​ register joked around with me when she saw that it​ was buying radio controlled cars,​ and everyone was friendly there when I​ asked for advice about what to​ buy .​
Sometimes,​ at​ hardware stores they don't take you seriously if​ you don't know what you are looking for .​
That really wasn't the​ case in​ this store .​
Everyone seemed pretty eager to​ help.

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