Handy Tools From The Microsoft Office Package

Handy Tools from the​ Microsoft Office Package
Microsoft has become famous for their operating systems but they also provide a​ great set of​ tools in​ the​ form of​ Microsoft Office .​
Many people take Microsoft Office for granted and don’t realize how hard life would be without it.
The Microsoft Office Package comes with 4 important software products .​
Microsoft Word,​ Microsoft Access,​ Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power-point .​
Each product having their own separate uses.
The first is​ Microsoft Word .​
It is​ a​ word processor meaning it​ is​ very useful in​ writing documents,​ stories,​ work instructions and so forth .​
It has many different functions .​
For instance you can quite easily save your documents as​ web pages therefore being able to​ publish them on​ the​ internet .​
a​ second useful function is​ the​ drawing toolbar .​
The drawing toolbar allows the​ user to​ create exciting headings,​ draw arrows and squares and insert pictures .​
All in​ all it​ has many,​ many uses.
Microsoft Excel is​ more for crunching numbers .​
It allows the​ use of​ colorful graphs,​ equations and also pictures .​
It allows the​ use to​ set it​ up so it​ does calculations automatically .​
It also allows the​ user to​ look at​ several sheets at​ the​ one time making working on​ different projects simultaneously a​ breeze.
Microsoft Power-point is​ used primarily for presentations .​
It is​ simple and quick to​ create a​ colorful slide show that would WOW anyone.
Microsoft Access is​ database software .​
It allows for the​ use of​ SQL queries,​ tables,​ forms,​ macros and much more .​
It allows the​ user to​ easily and effectively store their data while being able to​ manipulate it​ in​ different ways.
An important aspect of​ the​ Microsoft Office package is​ that files from all 4 applications can be interchangeable .​
This means you can grab a​ file you created in​ Microsoft Excel,​ and import it​ into Microsoft Access very simply and easily.

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