Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

To all bald-headed men.

When you​ drive at night do you​ have to​ turn your head down to​ low beam?

Yes, there are many such thoughtless jokes about baldness, in​ both males and​ females. However, loss of​ head hair really is​ a​ problem, which causes a​ great deal of​ worry and​ unhappiness, to​ those afflicted.

Hopefully, there may be some help and​ answers for​ you, within this web site. It is​ often easier to​ reduce the​ ageing and​ thinning of​ healthy hair, than to​ regrow into follicles that are already dormant.

Reversing and​ preventing further hair loss may also be possible. Some products and​ techniques could be:

Topical ketokonazole, an anti-fungal/5-alfa inhibitor of​ reductase.
Finasteride and/or minoxidel, known in​ the​ United States as​ propecia and​ Rogaine, or​ Rogeine, respectively.
Placebos have average results, but not usually as​ high as​ other specific products
Hair cloning, or​ multiplication, using self replenishing follicle stem cells.
Hair transplants have been used for​ many years.
To lower androgen levels, aerobic exercises may be beneficial. This may also help stress reduction which can be an aid to​ slow the​ loss of​ hair.
Senanoa repens/saw palmetto, a​ DHT inhibit talk and​ a​ herb. Fewer side-effects and​ less expensive than products such as​ dutasteride, or​ finesteride.
Resveratrol is​ a​ lipase inhibitorl, made from grape skins.
Chinese herbs and​ Chinese medicine may be tried. Seek help from qualified acupuncturists, herbalists and​ holistic medicine practitioners.
Beta Sitosterol, found in​ oils of​ seeds, may also help by lowering cholesterol. Use an extract, as​ the​ heavy consumption of​ oils can aggravate the​ hairloss problem.

As we all know, baldness in​ males, is​ more common than females – thank goodness!

Baldness can be caused by a​ number of​ factors, including the​ trigger, an enzyme called 5-alfa reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone - DHT, which can inhibit growth in​ genetically fine hairs. Some female baldness may be a​ result of​ an oestrogen reduction. Oestrogen usually counteracts testosterones balding action. Tight ponytails and​ corn rows, could also contribute to​ female hair loss, as​ may constantly wearing a​ hat.

This short article can, in​ no way, cover the​ wide spectrum of​ causes and​ treatments for​ hair loss. Search the​ internet through search engines such as​ Google, etc and​ seek help from alternative health practitioners, as​ well as​ traditional western medicine.

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