German Motorcycle Helmets Have A Long History

German Motorcycle Helmets Have A Long History

The motorcycle was first developed for​ every day use in​ the​ military during WWII. Along with this development came a​ lot of​ the​ motorcycle gear and​ motorcycle apparel that enthusiasts still use to​ this day. One of​ these style are the​ German motorcycle helmets.

Fashioned after World War One and​ World War Two German Army battle helmets, the​ German motorcycle helmets do not stray far from the​ original design. There have been other helmet designs based on the​ original German motorcycle helmet, but this style remains true throughout time.
Being one of​ the​ most popular styles today as​ a​ motorcycle helmet, the​ German motorcycle helmet was once only available as​ a​ novelty item. it​ was something to​ set the​ extraordinary motorcycle rider apart from the​ rest of​ the​ crowd. Today, there are German motorcycle helmets, that have been approved by the​ D.O.T. for​ use in​ motorcycle riding.

There are no face shields for​ these types of​ helmet. They look a​ lot like the​ half shell of​ a​ turtle. the​ only other part that sets it​ apart from a​ turtle shell are it's colors and​ the​ chin strap. Black is​ a​ very popular color. Pink German motorcycle helmets can be purchased for​ the​ female motorcycle rider as​ well. Chrome German motorcycle helmets are available and​ add a​ certain flair to​ the​ helmet.

Carbon fiber German motorcycle helmets are very durable and​ have a​ resilience like no other. They can be covered with leather to​ give them a​ smooth and​ semi-glossy finish, as​ opposed to​ the​ shiny black that carbon fiber offers. These can also be adorned with flat black flames that offset the​ glossy black of​ the​ helmet.

When you are measuring for​ the​ size of​ a​ German motorcycle helmet, use a​ cloth tape measure. Consider having someone help you to​ do the​ measuring. This will ensure that you obtain an​ accurate measurement. Placing the​ tape measure about one inch above the​ eyebrows, and​ calculating the​ circumference of​ your head is​ the​ best way to​ find out the​ size that you would need. if​ the​ measurement falls between two sizes, choose the​ smaller size. Remember that the​ chin strap will also help adjust the​ fit for​ you as​ well.

As there are no face shields to​ the​ German motorcycle helmet, the​ motorcycle rider might want to​ purchase some motorcycle eye protection for​ their apparel. This is​ an​ absolute must on long road trips. the​ more popular options are yellow, gray, or​ clear blue tinted goggles. These use a​ strap around your head and​ are even more securely fastened in​ place by the​ chin strap feature of​ the​ German motorcycle helmets.

Whether you prefer leather, carbon fiber, chrome, or​ simply flat black flames, there is​ a​ German motorcycle helmet right for​ you. the​ sizes are plentiful, and​ the​ originality of​ the​ style ensures that you remain a​ part of​ motorcycle riding's great history. Purchase one today, and​ be sure to​ make the​ right call and​ buy the​ eye protection right for​ you.

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