Finding Quality Motorcycle Jackets At A Reasonable Price

Finding Quality Motorcycle Jackets At A Reasonable Price

I can still remember the​ day I went and​ picked up my very first bike. I didn't have a​ motorcycle jacket period so I used an​ old leather jacket that I had hanging in​ the​ closet. Little did I know that motorcycle jackets aren't just made to​ look cool but that they have many life saving protective features built in​ to​ them. That is​ to​ say at​ least the​ ones that are made for​ sport bikes. Most of​ your traditional leather jackets like Fonzie used to​ wear don't offer much real protection in​ the​ way of​ impact, however they do protect your skin from road rash if​ you actually buy a​ quality leather jacket that is​ made from thick leather.

Since that first day I have bought several motorcycle jackets. I bought my very first one made by Fieldsheer from an​ online site that sold used riding apparel. it​ cost me about $250. That seems like a​ lot but I have had that jacket for​ 8 years now and​ its still in​ great shape, besides that it​ offers re enforced panels and​ body armor in​ all the​ contact areas making it​ much safer for​ me if​ I do go down. for​ a​ quality motorcycle jacket that is​ made from a​ high grade leather and​ is​ properly stitched and​ re enforced $250 to​ $350 is​ a​ very reasonable price. You can find cheap generic no name jackets for​ much less, however the​ quality of​ those is​ really bad. I will tell you a​ story about buying one of​ those generic made in​ Pakistan type riding jackets in​ a​ sec. Anyhow I would go with a​ Quality name brand when it​ comes to​ motorcycle apparel. Icon motorcycle jackets and​ gear are probably the​ most popular these days and​ Icon doe make quality stuff that is​ always stylish to​ boot. the​ nice thing about Icon is​ that you will likely be able to​ find boots and​ gloves as​ well as​ a​ pair of​ riding pants to​ go with the​ jacket. Icon also makes some really nice jackets made from a​ Kevlar mesh that offer about the​ same protection as​ their leather counterparts but are great for​ riding in​ warm weather. if​ you live in​ a​ place like Houston like I do you know that most of​ the​ year its super hot so having a​ mesh jacket is​ a​ big plus. I have one of​ each myself. Ok back to​ the​ cheap jacket part. a​ few years back I bought a​ classic motorcycle jacket for​ one of​ my girlfriends. We were riding on my chopper a​ lot so it​ made sense to​ go that route. I went to​ a​ local place and​ found a​ jacket for​ about $100 and​ bought it. I thought I got a​ good deal. Well no I got a​ really cheap motorcycle jacket. the​ leather ended up tearing on the​ jacket within a​ month around the​ zippers. Then the​ zipper went south. That is​ the​ last time I bought a​ generic jacket.

When you start looking for​ a​ motorcycle jacket at​ a​ cheap price start looking on the​ web. You are much more likely to​ run in​ to​ a​ good deal then at​ your local dealer unless you have a​ friend at​ the​ dealership you are going to​ pay full nut there plus tax. Most online motorcycle shops will carry quality apparel by companies like, Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, Icon, AgvSport and​ Arlen Ness to​ name some of​ the​ more popular ones. Most online shops will offer the​ same jackets at​ a​ discount off somewhere around 10 to​ 15 percent off and​ unless they are in​ your state their is​ no tax to​ be paid. I know some people are still leery of​ buying stuff online, however rest assured that most online merchants are quite reputable. if​ you have any doubts some of​ the​ things to​ look for​ is​ that they give you a​ phone number to​ call, their is​ a​ contact us section that lets you email them, when you go thru the​ checkout process make sure the​ little lock appears at​ the​ top or​ at​ the​ bottom of​ your browser showing that the​ checkout section is​ encrypted. if​ you do run in​ to​ a​ place that is​ way cheaper then anyone else always ask yourself why. Most of​ the​ dealers online buy their products from the​ same source so if​ one guy is​ super cheap that may be an​ indication of​ something shady going on. Also on a​ side note if​ you don't mind buying used stuff cheap you can try ebay. I have bought some really good stuff from there for​ next to​ nothing.

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