Fashion Jewelry Exporter

Fashion Jewelry Exporter
ExtremeDesign Export Trading is​ a​ Fashion Jewelry Export Company based in​ Cebu City,​ Philippines .​
We manufacture,​ produce,​ and assemble fashion jewelries,​ gift items,​ windchimes and any kind of​ handicrafts Extreme Design and home decorative items made of​ indigenous materials such as​ sea-shells,​ wood,​ coco,​ bone,​ horn,​ stone,​ buri,​ bamboo and other natural materials.
We've been in​ this business since 1998 as​ a​ supplier in​ our local area and now expanding the​ business of​ EXPORTING HIGH QUALITY Philippine Handicrafts and Fashion Accessories that are EXTREMELY DESIGNED and suited to​ all styles and fashions worldwide.
We are rendering the​ best and unique designs of​ today's market and have very competitive prices that will be offered specially for VOLUME ORDERS or​ WHOLESALERS .​
We strictly observe QUALITY CONTROL on​ our finished products to​ serve the​ best and gain more satisfaction to​ our foriegn buyers .​
We also customize designs exclusively for you​ .​
Just send us pictures of​ your designs and specification for quotation.
ExtremeDesign Export Trading (EDET) is​ for life,​ the​ better to​ savor and appreciate it .​
ImageThrough the​ lens of​ social equality,​ ImageEDET brings together human resources in​ design conceptualization,​ production,​ and marketing to​ meet with others whose appreciation and valuing of​ these designs provide the​ needed opportunities for natural and human resources to​ come together for each other.
From fashion accessories to​ furniture and other home decors,​ EDET was organized to​ bring to​ each life both individual and home enhancements to​ showcase what life holds for these designs in​ your personal adornment and in​ the​ care and value you​ bring to​ your homes.
Thus,​ when designs meet both functionality and beauty,​ personal care does not only enhance one’s identity but also a​ house gets transformed into a​ home!

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