Exporting Jewelry Wholesale 194

Exporting Jewelry Wholesale
If you​ plan to​ export jewelry wholesale,​ you​ may
need to​ find out if​ it​ is​ legal .​
First you​ must
understand that sending just one piece of​ jewelry to​
another country is​ in​ fact ‘exporting goods.’ This is​
true even if​ the​ country is​ Mexico or​ Canada! No
matter where it​ is​ going,​ if​ it​ is​ outside of​ the​ United
States,​ or​ the​ country that you​ live in,​ it​ is​
exporting .​
You can find out if​ exporting certain pieces of​
jewelry is​ legal by calling the​ customs agency in​
your state,​ or​ by calling the​ United States Customs
Office .​
Describe the​ jewelry and as​ well as​ the​
precious stones it​ contains,​ and tell them where it​
is being sent .​
They will be able to​ tell you​ if​ shipping
it is​ legal,​ and what problems may be encountered
at customs in​ the​ country it​ is​ being shipped to.
Take shipping costs into consideration,​ and make
sure that your customer pays for that! Shipping to​
other countries can be quite costly,​ and if​ you​ pay
for that shipping,​ you​ probably won’t realize any
profits on​ the​ jewelry wholesale that you​ are
shipping out of​ the​ country!

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