Estate Silver Jewelry Is A Hot Fashion Pick

Estate Silver Jewelry is​ a​ Hot Fashion Pick!
Sterling silver is​ an​ excellent choice in​ estate jewelry .​
Long lasting,​ easy to​ care for,​ and so beautiful .​
Buying estate jewelry sterling silver can be a​ lot of​ fun but it​ can also be confusing.
Whether you​ are looking at​ sterling silver for a​ gift for that special someone or​ looking to​ add to​ your own jewelry to​ make that fashion statement,​ it’s important you​ understand the​ terms that are used throughout the​ industry .​
Once you​ understand the​ terminology you​ will be better equipped to​ choose quality pieces of​ sterling silver jewelry and you’ll be able to​ complete your purchases with a​ lot more confidence.
It doesn’t matter whether you​ are buying on​ line or​ at​ your local store .​
It doesn’t matter if​ you​ are buying in​ the​ USA or​ Canada or​ in​ Europe or​ China .​
the​ terminology used to​ describe silver are the​ same around the​ world.
Sterling silver jewelry has always been popular and remains so today .​
Sterling silver estate jewelry has also shared it’s time in​ the​ limelight but in​ recent years its popularity has exploded .​
That’s because buyers are looking for something a​ little more unique than modern sterling silver can offer .​
Everyone knows how beautiful sterling silver is​ and how durable it​ is,​ that’s one of​ the​ reasons it’s such a​ popular choice .​
And of​ course let’s not forget how affordable it​ is!
Silver has it​ history into ancient times,​ but has not survived as​ well as​ gold .​
Unlike gold which has no ill effects from age and exposure sterling silver does .​
It deteriorates over time .​
Throughout history sterling silver has experienced bursts of​ popularity where it​ was far more vogue than wearing gold jewelry .​
Today is​ one of​ those periods in​ time!
Silver is​ the​ most common of​ all the​ precious metals .​
Fine silver is​ pure silver but it​ not commonly used for jewelry because it​ is​ way too soft and bends and breaks far too easily .​
Instead fine silver is​ mixed with copper .​
925 parts of​ silver are mixed with 75 parts of​ copper which is​ just enough copper to​ firm up the​ silver to​ make beautiful jewelry .​
This 925 grade is​ called sterling silver throughout the​ world and is​ recognized as​ the​ purest form of​ silver available for jewelry.
This is​ the​ mark you​ are looking for .​
Either that or​ the​ actual sterling mark .​
Both will guarantee you​ that what you​ are buying is​ sterling silver and not some cheap base metal like nickel which will wear and look awful very quickly.
Silver has many benefits over gold .​
It is​ much lighter weighing about half as​ much as​ gold .​
It is​ much more flexible but not as​ malleable so it​ allows for beautiful jewelry creations .​
Lastly it​ is​ much less expensive yet it​ will last you​ your lifetime and probably those of​ a​ couple of​ more generations .​
Two exact pieces one in​ silver and one in​ gold .​
the​ gold piece will cost 5 to​ 6 times more than the​ sterling silver piece.
Current fashion trends which include a​ lot of​ black or​ dark materials have added to​ the​ popularity of​ sterling silver as​ it​ looks very well with black .​
in​ fact it​ has much more of​ a​ dramatic impact than gold does .​

Silver likes to​ be worn .​
It helps keep it​ shiny and beautiful .​
Left hanging for any length of​ time means you’ll need to​ polish it​ to​ remove the​ tarnish .​
in​ our fast paced world silver is​ an​ excellent choice .​
Just as​ we have wash and wear clothing silver is​ an​ excellent grab and wear style of​ jewelry.
So the​ next time you​ are in​ the​ market for some quality sterling silver jewelry be sure to​ check out estate silver jewelry!

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