Dont Overload Motorcycle Backrest Bags

Dont Overload Motorcycle Backrest Bags

The motorcycle backrest bags not only provide valuable support but can be used to​ carry light items on long cruises. it​ is​ important to​ keep the​ bag light, because a​ heavy load at​ a​ high point in​ the​ bag can have an​ adverse effect on low-speed handling.

The features that you need to​ look at​ while buying a​ motorcycle backrest bag are:

1. Mounting systems: Your backrest bag needs to​ fit snugly on to​ the​ bar. So make sure that the​ bar is​ neither too tall nor too wide for​ the​ bag. Also keep in​ mind that some bags can be rested on the​ pillion seat while others need a​ luggage rack.

2. Rigid vs. soft: it​ is​ worth considering whether you would want to​ have a​ rigid or​ a​ soft bag. Rigid bags have a​ definite advantage: they fit better and​ are easier to​ pack and​ unpack. You can also put them on the​ passenger seat and​ use it​ as​ a​ backrest.

3. Weatherproofing and​ durability: Most bags have their own waterproof covering. But you should be selective about the​ weather proofing material. for​ example, leather may look better but heavy-grade nylon is​ probably more durable.

4. Capacity: Bigger does not mean better. Loading a​ big heavy bag on the​ back of​ your bike can alter a​ motorcycle's centre of​ gravity. This can result in​ poor handling and​ even loss of​ control.

5. Convenience: Most backrest bags now have additional features. There are backpack straps and​ roller wheels. Make sure that the​ straps are padded and​ roller wheels have a​ low profile.

Some of​ the​ popular brands available in​ the​ market are:

1. Harley-Davidson Universal Roller Bag: This bag, which is​ 17.5 inches high, 16 inches wide and​ 10 inches deep, has the​ following features:

-- Waterproof Climashield fabric
-- 1.8 cubic foot interior with small pockets and​ compartments.
-- Front zip opening for​ cargo
-- Metal handles and​ rollerblade wheels.

2. Kuryakyn Full Dresser Bag: This bag, which is​ 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep and​ 28 inches high, has the​ following features:

-- 2.5 cubic foot capacity
-- 1200-denier Cordura exterior
-- Fully lined interior for​ weatherproofing and​ durability

3. Dowco Rally Pack Universal Luggage System: the​ important features of​ this backrest bag which is​ 17 inches high and​ 14.5 inches wide are:

-- two-piece combination of​ Jumbo Pack and​ Roll Bag.
-- Cordura nylon exterior
-- 1.5 cubic feet of​ volume

4. Marsee Products 50-Liter Cruiser Bar Bag: This is​ a​ big bag, 22 inches high, 17 inches wide and​ 8 inches deep. Its notable features are:

-- 1050-denier ballistic fabric
- 50 litre capacity
-- bag converts to​ backpack with straps
-- fits on most cruisers

The other popular backrest bags available in​ the​ market are: Willie & Max BlackHawk Max Pax, Tour Master Cruiser II Sissybar Bag (Large), T-Bags Universal Lone Star, Saddlemen Super Taos Sissybar Bag, River Road Classic Bike Pack & Travel Case, Rev-Pack Rest Pack and​ Nelson-Rigg CTB-900 Deluxe Tourer.

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