Dont Compromise On Motorcycle Racing Gear

Dont Compromise On Motorcycle Racing Gear

The finest motorcycle racing gear is​ seen on the​ race tracks, and​ why not. the​ riders are aware of​ the​ dangers of​ skidding or​ colliding at​ high speeds, and​ take great precautions to​ protect their vital organs. Almost every accessory – from helmets to​ motorcycle boots – has extra protection.

The helmet is​ the​ most critical. You cannot sport a​ DOT certified helmet and​ hope to​ take part in​ a​ racing event. Almost every racing federation lays down the​ minimum rating that is​ acceptable. This rating is​ laid down by Snell Foundation, and​ is​ indicated on the​ inside of​ race helmets.

All riders ensure that the​ helmets they use fit snugly on their heads. There are no spaces between the​ cheeks and​ the​ padding. Most important, the​ helmet stays on the​ head, and​ does not roll off in​ case the​ bike skids or​ the​ rider hits an​ object.

It is​ equally important to​ have a​ clear view of​ the​ field. This involves not only a​ front view but also a​ side view. Often, riders get involved in​ an​ accident because the​ helmet walls reduce the​ side view.

The riders then need to​ protect their vulnerable parts like knees, elbows and​ shoulders. for​ this, they need specially designed racing suits that are made of​ thick leather and​ have heavy padding around elbows, shoulders, and​ knees. This armor is​ firmly sewn into the​ racing suit and​ does not slip off.

Another important requirement of​ racing suits is​ flexibility, especially in​ the​ arms and​ the​ shoulder region, not to​ mention the​ knees and​ the​ legs. These are the​ body parts that need highest flexibility, especially when the​ bike is​ in​ motion.

Equally important are the​ motorcycle boots. Almost every rider wears ankle-high boots because of​ the​ extra protection that these boots bring. These boots come with an​ extra lining, and​ have soles that are usually welded into the​ uppers so that they don’t fall away in​ case the​ rider drags his feet along the​ ground.

Another important part of​ a​ biker’s racing gear is​ gloves. These give the​ riders a​ proper grip, and​ help them manage throttle, clutch, brake, and​ turning operations smoothly. the​ racing gloves come with extra padding on the​ palms and​ finger backs to​ avoid bruising in​ case of​ a​ spill.

Every rider must ensure that they buy the​ best racing gear. it​ can make a​ big difference between life and​ death in​ case of​ an​ accident.

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