Cut Your Gas Consumption And Save Money

Cut Your Gas Consumption And Save Money

The price of​ gasoline seems to​ be locked in​ the​ $3 per gallon range nationwide and there are no indications that the​ price will soon drop. in​ fact,​ Americans should probably assume that the​ days of​ even $2 gas are over for good. the​ growing dependence of​ China and India on​ gasoline combined with continued instability of​ the​ Middle East will probably insure expensive gas for the​ foreseeable future.

While the​ high price of​ gasoline will hurt the​ pocketbooks of​ many Americans,​ it​ need not be completely debilitating. There are numerous ways to​ cut down on​ gas consumption,​ and every one of​ them helps ease the​ pain on​ your pocketbook just a​ little bit. the​ most obvious ways to​ save involve combining trips in​ order to​ drive less,​ keeping your tires properly inflated and keeping your car in​ tune. But there are some less obvious ways to​ save money,​ and they can also help reduce your monthly gasoline bill.

Here are some additional things you may wish to​ consider regarding gas consumption:

Don't buy premium fuel unless you need it. the​ owner's manual of​ a​ Dodge Viper might recommend premium fuel,​ the​ manual for a​ VW Beetle almost certainly does not. Using premium gas in​ a​ car that doesn't require it​ is​ essentially throwing away money. There is​ no benefit to​ burning high-octane fuel in​ a​ car that doesn't require it,​ so check your manual and buy the​ fuel that your manufacturer recommends.

Keep your gas cap on​ tightly - if​ you have a​ gas cap,​ make sure that it​ fits tightly. Gas evaporates,​ and it​ will particularly do so if​ you have no cap or​ if​ you don't have it​ on​ snugly. a​ certain amount of​ venting takes place with a​ properly working cap,​ but having no cap at​ all is​ like pouring gas on​ the​ pavement.

Park in​ the​ shade - Summer heat increases gas evaporation and makes your car work harder to​ cool off after you start the​ air conditioner. if​ you park in​ the​ shade,​ when possible,​ you keep your car cooler,​ save your engine some work and save a​ bit of​ gas.

Keep your air filter clean - a​ clean air filter helps your engine breathe better through better air flow and will reduce your gas consumption. It's not a​ bad idea to​ simply replace it​ each time you change your oil.

Each of​ the​ above tips will help reduce gas consumption by a​ little bit,​ but the​ effect is​ cumulative. the​ more you do to​ reduce your use of​ gasoline,​ the​ more you will save. at​ $3 per gallon,​ a​ little savings goes a​ long way.

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