Customized Motorcycles

Customized Motorcycles
Motorcycles are very popular, with thousands of​ them on the​ road .​
You will find them in​ a​ variety of​ makes and​ models for​ your enjoyment .​
Finding exactly the​ style you want that fits your body can prove to​ be difficult, especially if​ you are extremely short or​ very tall .​
Having a​ customized motorcycle made to​ your specifications is​ a​ great alternative, but it​ is​ also more expensive .​
One of​ the​ most well known custom motorcycle makers is​ Jesse James, owner of​ West Coast Choppers .​
Jesse James has been passionate about motorcycles since he was seven years old .​
He has customized motorcycles for​ many celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal, Kid Rock, and​ Kyle Petty .​
The bikes range in​ price from $50,000 to​ $150,000 .​
While this is​ going to​ be much to​ expensive for​ the​ average individual, you can still get a​ great customized motorcycle from some other sources .​
There are many things you need to​ consider to​ get started .​
First, what is​ it​ that you need from a​ motorcycle that you can’t get from a​ standard one at​ any retailer? if​ it​ is​ simply the​ color, you will save a​ great deal of​ money by purchasing it​ from the​ retailer and​ having it​ repainted .​
In some cases, you may be able to​ contact the​ manufacturer and​ have the​ bike painted your ideal color at​ the​ factory.
Most of​ the​ time, individuals need to​ have a​ motorcycle customized to​ fit them properly .​
Take Shaquille O’Neal for​ example .​
He is​ such a​ large person, that the​ average motorcycle just doesn’t work well for​ him .​
Jesse James was able to​ use O’Neal’s measurements to​ create a​ motorcycle that was comfortable for​ him to​ ride .​
Customized motorcycles are a​ great choice for​ those with a​ disability that prevents them from being able to​ operate a​ standard motorcycle .​
If you are determined to​ have a​ customized motorcycle, take the​ time to​ research the​ various manufacturers you have to​ choose from .​
Keep in​ mind that you may have to​ wait several months or​ even years to​ get the​ motorcycle you want if​ the​ manufacturer is​ very busy .​
Always discuss the​ options you want in​ great detail as​ well as​ the​ price .​
If the​ manufacturer won’t agree to​ your specifications then look for​ someone who will .​
It is​ a​ good idea to​ conduct research about the​ manufacturer .​
Find out how long they have been customizing motorcycles .​
Ask for​ references and​ to​ see samples of​ their work .​
You will also want to​ inquire about warranty information and​ a​ guarantee if​ you aren’t pleased with the​ work .​
In most cases, you will have to​ pay a​ deposit before work begins on your customized motorcycle .​
Make sure they are familiar with working with the​ model of​ motorcycle you want to​ have customized .​
Having your very own motorcycle is​ a​ great recreational item to​ spend your time with .​
However, investing in​ a​ customized motorcycle will allow you to​ have the​ very best motorcycle that fits your style as​ well as​ your body .​
Being comfortable on your motorcycle will allow you more enjoyment and​ you can also use it​ for​ long road trips .​
You are less likely to​ be involved in​ a​ motorcycle accident if​ the​ motorcycle is​ a​ proper fit .​
While a​ customized motorcycle is​ more expensive than a​ traditional model, it​ is​ an​ investment that is​ well worth it .​

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