Choosing The Right Motorcycle Tire For My Bike

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Tire For My Bike

A good quality motorcycle tire is​ probably the​ most vital piece of​ equipment on your bike. Thanks to​ the​ internet you can find discount motorcycle tires on most motorcycle sites. the​ discounts vary depending on the​ site but they are usually cheaper then what your local dealer will charge you. to​ combat this dealers have come up with several things. One is​ that they will match the​ price of​ the​ tire you found on the​ web. the​ other is​ that they will charge you a​ fee of​ somewhere around the​ $25 range if​ you bring in​ a​ tire for​ mounting and​ will not charge you at​ all if​ you by the​ tire from them. Since getting a​ motorcycle tire on your a​ rim without a​ machine is​ really damn near impossible. This is​ how the​ dealers are trying to​ discourage you from buying online.

When choosing a​ motorcycle tire you need to​ ask yourself what kind of​ riding you will be doing and​ how much life you expect out of​ the​ tire. Generally the​ stickier the​ tire the​ bettor it​ will handle and​ the​ more aggressive you can ride with good grip. the​ longer lasting tires are less sticky and​ you give up some handling for​ longevity. When I say sticky what I am talking about actually has to​ do with the​ compound of​ the​ tire. the​ rubber compound of​ a​ tire will dictate its life expectancy, the​ softer the​ compound the​ stickier the​ tire, the​ faster it​ will need to​ be replaced. the​ harder the​ compound, the​ longer the​ tire will last but you are giving up a​ little on the​ stickiness.

For cruiser bikes generally a​ harder compound is​ acceptable because cruiser's are ridden long distances but are not ridden as​ aggressively so it​ is​ better to​ get a​ harder compound therefore giving the​ tire a​ longer life expectancy. However if​ you are an​ aggressive rider even on a​ cruiser you might want to​ seek a​ bit softer compound so you can get a​ bit better handling.

For sport bikes their is​ no question, you will want a​ softer compound tire to​ give you the​ best handling possible. Now their are usually varying degrees of​ soft compound motorcycle tires available. You will find some are made for​ the​ track. These are extremely sticky and​ will need to​ be to​ often to​ be any good for​ the​ street. So if​ you are looking for​ a​ good street tire for​ a​ sport bike the​ best selection is​ a​ soft compound tire that tis made for​ aggressive street riding. an​ example of​ that kind of​ tire would be a​ Dunlop 207 or​ a​ Bridgestone BT014. for​ track days you may want to​ get a​ different set of​ tires for​ extreme grip.

Motorcycle tire manufactures are plentiful these days. You more recognized makers are Dunlop, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, and​ Metzeler. All of​ which make excellent motorcycle tires. You will find different people swear by different brands. Some just like Dunlop and​ others swear by Pirelli.

I think this part of​ choosing a​ tire is​ a​ lot like some guys will only by a​ Ford and​ other swear by Chevy. These are all quality manufacturers of​ tires and​ all are good, the​ choice is​ up to​ you.

When it​ comes to​ choosing a​ motorcycle tire don't let the​ price be the​ biggest factor. Get a​ good quality tire designed for​ your riding style. Since you only have two tires on your bike it​ becomes vital to​ keep them in​ proper condition. if​ you have ever had a​ blowout in​ your car imagine that on two wheels. Its one of​ the​ toughest situations are rider will ever have to​ face, therefore I recommend that you don't worry about cheap so much when it​ comes to​ tires but go with quality.

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