Choosing The Right Motorcycle Boot For You.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Boot For You.

Like so many things when it​ comes to​ motorcycle apparel and​ gear these days, motorcycle boots are being produced by so many manufacturers its hard to​ pick one. You can get a​ cheap motorcycle boots for​ under a​ hundred bucks these days. Not only do you have different makers to​ choose from you know have to​ add motorcycle shoes to​ the​ equation. These are tough shoes made to​ be durable enough to​ give you some protection in​ a​ crash. Most have reinforced stitching, ankle protection and​ a​ shifter pad as​ well as​ a​ non slip type sole. if​ you are looking for​ a​ quality boot or​ shoe there are several manufacturers with a​ good track record to​ choose from. Alpinestars, AGV Sport, Double H and​ Icon are most of​ the​ more popular brands currently available. Not to​ mention non brand names. I however recommend that you go with a​ quality boot that is​ made by a​ well known manufacturer. I have a​ pair of​ AGV Sport motorcycle boots that have lasted 8 years.

Picking a​ motorcycle boot really depends on you. if​ you ride a​ cruiser probably one of​ Double H 's boots will appeal to​ you since they are made to​ have a​ more classic styling. Double H makes an​ engineer boot which is​ a​ perfect nostalgic looking motorcycle boot or​ the​ Jump boot which also has a​ classic look. I find that people that rider cruisers tend to​ lean towards those styles, since they fit that sort of​ bike as​ well as​ the​ gear that goes with riding a​ cruiser. You would look kind of​ funny in​ race gear on a​ cruiser!!

Motorcycle Boots and​ Shoes for​ riders of​ sport bikes are quite abundant. Icon AGV and​ Alpinestars all make quality motorcycle boots that are tough enough to​ even wear on track days depending on the​ one you decide to​ wear. Most of​ these boots come with toe sliders, ankle support, shin and​ ankle protection as​ well as​ high impact materials that are integrated in​ to​ the​ boot in​ case of​ a​ crash. These boots are usually made for​ more aggressive riding there fore you will find more safety features designed to​ protect your feet from the​ road. You will find these boots come in​ lots of​ different colors that will match most sport bike gear. Also most of​ the​ manufacturers of​ these boots also make gloves and​ leathers that are all color coordinated to​ be worn together. Now one of​ the​ newer things on the​ scene are motorcycle shoes. These shoes are quite durable but are not recommended for​ track use. They are tough enough to​ offer some protection but nothing like what you will get out of​ a​ full boot. the​ shoes are generally made for​ street riding. They are popular because they look much like regular tennis shoes so you can wear them at​ work without it​ being noticed. the​ shoes usually do not offer much in​ the​ way of​ protection but rather they have a​ non slip sole and​ a​ shifter pad which makes it​ easier for​ you to​ shift while riding. Most of​ the​ shoes are reinforced to​ some degree but not nearly like motorcycle boots.

Typically your riding style and​ the​ type of​ bike you ride will dictate what kind of​ motorcycle boots you will choose to​ wear. Just keep in​ mind to​ wear gear that adequately protects you for​ your style of​ riding. Ideally a​ helmet, gloves, jacket, riding pants and​ boots should be worn at​ all times when you are out on a​ motorcycle.

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