Children And Motorcycles

Children and​ Motorcycles
Many children grow up in​ families where motorcycles are a​ part of​ life .​
I​ can remember my husband taking our boys for​ rides as​ soon as​ they were old enough to​ walk .​
This was scary for​ me as​ I​ don’t have a​ great deal of​ motorcycle riding experience .​
However, my husband has been on them since he was a​ toddler so it​ was just a​ natural process for​ him .​
Most children love riding on motorcycles, but the​ issue is​ very controversial .​
I​ am an​ overprotective mom, so it​ is​ hard for​ me too .​
However, all of​ my children love riding on them and​ I​ trust my husband to​ have their best interest in​ hand all the​ time .​
I​ really hate it​ when my children are on the​ highway because I​ know accidents can happen so quickly .​
We do make sure they were long sleeved shirts and​ pants .​
They also have helmets to​ wear that fit them properly.
They make motorcycles for​ children to​ ride on their own by the​ time they are four or​ five years of​ age .​
My children all learned how to​ operate one as​ soon as​ they were able to​ ride a​ regular bike without training wheels .​
Of course the​ motorcycle, called a​ 50, is​ very low to​ the​ ground and​ doesn’t go very fast .​
When I​ look back at​ it​ now, I​ think it​ was very good practice for​ them to​ learn about operating vehicles .​
This is​ not to​ say that everything went smooth! My oldest son crashed his motorcycle into a​ fence when he was seven as​ he lost control .​
I​ think me tried to​ stop but panicked and​ pushed the​ gas more .​
My other son loved to​ go as​ fast as​ he could, so we were hesitant to​ move him up to​ a​ larger bike because with the​ size came more power .​
Children should never be left to​ ride a​ motorcycle without the​ proper safety equipment and​ without parental supervision.
Since children can’t legally ride their motorcycle on the​ street, they have to​ ride them on dirk trails or​ motorcycle trails .​
Make sure the​ type of​ motorcycle you purchase for​ them is​ designed for​ such rough terrain .​
You should also consider purchasing them a​ helmet that has a​ full face cover .​
It is​ common for​ children to​ crash their motorcycle, and​ hitting their chin or​ mouth on the​ handle bars is​ also common .​
If your child is​ a​ rider on a​ motorcycle with another adult, make sure that adult has a​ license to​ operate a​ motorcycle .​
Smaller children can ride on the​ front of​ the​ motorcycle but they are encouraged to​ ride on the​ back .​
Make sure they always wear a​ helmet even for​ a​ short ride .​
Children are allowed to​ ride on a​ motorcycle on major highways, but this is​ a​ personal decision for​ the​ parent .​
I​ will tell you it​ is​ not one I​ am comfortable with for​ my own children.
Never allow your children to​ operate a​ motorcycle with another child on the​ bike .​
This can lead to​ the​ child trying to​ show off and​ for​ accidents to​ happen .​
It also shifts the​ weight of​ the​ bike when you add an​ extra person, and​ the​ child operating the​ motorcycle may not be able to​ handle the​ extra weight .​
While operating or​ riding on a​ motorcycle can be dangerous for​ a​ child, it​ can also be a​ great deal of​ fun .​
They will have fond memories of​ it​ as​ well .​
Parents have a​ responsibility to​ keep their children safe while operating a​ motorcycle .​
Don’t share helmets among your children as​ they won’t fit each of​ them properly .​
Many children enjoy operating a​ motorcycle, and​ parents will find that it​ can help them become more responsible .​
They also learn valuable skills about operating vehicles and​ safety at​ a​ very early age .​
Children who wear safety equipment as​ a​ child will continue to​ do so as​ an​ adult .​
They also develop skills to​ make them safer drivers so that when they are old enough to​ operate a​ motorcycle on the​ street, they have plenty of​ experience .​

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