Caring For Your Motorcycle When Its Being Stored

Caring For Your Motorcycle When Its Being Stored

As the​ weather gets cooler, is​ your motorcycle ready to​ be put up for​ the​ winter? Even if​ you plan to​ ride your bike through the​ cold winter months, here are some ideas on winter care. Or, maybe your have another reason for​ not riding your bike: travel, business or​ family commitments. the​ good news is​ that this shouldn't take more than a​ few hours of​ work to​ be sure that your motorcycle will remain in​ tip-top condition in​ terms of​ looks, mechanical condition and​ trouble free riding.

First, be sure the​ fuel system is​ drained and​ conditioned. the​ best way to​ do this is​ to​ get the​ level as​ low as​ you can, then add a​ fuel stabilizer additive. Then run your bike for​ a​ few miles to​ be sure the​ additive gets into and​ through the​ entire fuel system. Then, when your ready to​ ride, simple fill up with fresh gas and​ you're ready to​ go.

Next be sure and​ clean you motorcycle thoroughly. Use a​ good degreasing agent to​ get rid of​ all that grime that collected over the​ past several months. Be sure to​ remember to​ get the​ brakes and​ suspension systems. Clean out the​ brake calipers with a​ brake cleaner and​ re-lubricate.

Make sure that your bike is​ completely dry. if​ you have compressed air available, use it.

Next re-lubricate the​ motorcycle. Be sure to​ cover the​ brakes (calipers and​ discs) to​ protect them during this process. Be sure to​ get all of​ the​ joints and​ pivots points. Regular chain lube is​ usually good enough for​ moving parts and​ surfaces. Finally, the​ use of​ a​ corrosion treatments is​ recommended (not for​ brakes).

Use a​ good wax to​ coat and​ polish the​ surfaces. Again, avoid the​ brakes.

Get the​ tires up and​ off of​ the​ ground. if​ you have a​ center stand, great. if​ not, invest in​ a​ pair of​ stands to​ get the​ bike up. They will pay for​ themselves numerous times.

Save yourself the​ grief of​ needing a​ new battery come spring by using a​ battery tender. Like getting the​ tires up, this investment will pay for​ itself over and​ over again.

Finally, invest in​ a​ cover for​ your motorcycle. Make sure it​ breathes so condensation won't occur.

These are just a​ few ideas to​ keep your bike in​ great shape when not being ridden for​ an​ extended period. a​ small amount of​ time and​ investment will result in​ a​ huge time and​ money savings later.

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