Carbon Fiber And The Motorcycle Helmet

Carbon Fiber And The Motorcycle Helmet

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are one of​ the​ most modern helmets around. the​ carbon fiber material used in​ motorcycle helmets refer to​ carbon filament threads woven into cloth or​ felt. it​ can also be a​ composite material made from carbon filaments that make up the​ protective shell of​ your helmet. This material can also be combined with another material such as​ Kevlar in​ the​ manufacture of​ stronger and​ lighter helmet models.

Carbon fibers in​ helmets are made by superheating an​ acrylic fiber that results to​ better strength and​ stiffness to​ weight properties. Carbon fiber composites can achieve the​ strength of​ metals at​ a​ significant savings in​ weight, the​ two factors needed in​ making quality motorcycle helmets.

Kevlar is​ created by dissolving a​ polymer in​ a​ solvent and​ then extracting the​ fibers and​ then spinned to​ form threads. Although Kevlar has properties that are similar to​ carbon fiber, it​ lacks compressive strength. By combining carbon fiber and​ Kevlar, one can get a​ laminate that has three times the​ flexural strength than that of​ Kevlar alone.

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets provide a​ lighter yet more durable helmet than most motorcycle helmets today made from fiberglass. With carbon fiber motorcycle helmets, it​ is​ now possible to​ make more compact motorcycle helmets that are lighter and​ less bulky.

Most carbon fiber helmets are available for​ you from custom helmet manufacturers. But there are other manufacturers now beginning to​ make motorcycle helmets out of​ this extremely useful material. With it, motorcycle helmets become lighter, stronger and​ cooler.

There are now carbon fiber motorcycle helmets such as​ the​ THH T-69 that offers you a​ DOT approved motorcycle helmet. Its smaller shell design helps in​ making it​ ever the​ popular choice with most riders today. There is​ also the​ HJC AC-12 full face carbon fiber helmet that incorporates racer tested features for​ use by the​ ordinary motorcycle rider on the​ road.

It has features such as​ the​ Flow Through ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation Feature System that provides extraordinary ventilation to​ make you feel cooler. it​ also makes use of​ an​ Anti-fog System to​ provide you with a​ clear view even in​ the​ coldest of​ days. This motorcycle helmet also has a​ built-in communication system speaker cavity to​ allow two-way or​ multi-channel communication when required.

With today’s technology, motorcycle helmets have evolved to​ provide you with better protection and​ a​ more comfortable riding experience. With all the​ choices now available for​ you, you would surely have that helmet that would work for​ you.

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