Buying Motorcycles 04

Buying Motorcycles
The bookstore I​ used to​ work in​ had a​ bunch of​ buying guides for​ used motorcycles lying around .​
I​ had never really been interested in​ buying motorcycles before, or​ even in​ motorcycles themselves .​
I​ wasn't much of​ a​ car kid, and​ I​ got around very well on my bicycle .​
Nonetheless, one day I​ started looking through one of​ these motorcycle guides on a​ whim .​
I​ was pretty bored and​ had just finished reading a​ novel and​ didn't want to​ start anything new.
I was completely stricken by the​ beauty of​ the​ bikes in​ that magazine .​
I​ immediately started thinking about buying motorcycles .​
I​ am impulsive sometimes, and​ I​ thought that the​ desire to​ buy a​ motorcycle was something that would come and​ go pretty quickly .​
When I​ was still thinking about buying a​ motorcycle in​ a​ couple weeks, I​ knew that this was more than just a​ passing fancy .​
I​ knew that I​ would have to​ save up some money and​ buy myself a​ nice road bike.
Buying used motorcycles is​ usually the​ best approach when you are just starting .​
I​ did not know anything about buying motorcycles, so it​ was good that I​ met someone who did .​
One of​ my coworkers, it​ turned out, was a​ big motorcycle aficionado .​
When I​ told him that I​ was thinking about buying motorcycles, he immediately set me down and​ chatted me up about it .​
He asked me a​ bunch of​ questions about what I​ wanted, and​ I​ quickly realized how ignorant I​ was .​
He gave me the​ lowdown and​ showed me how to​ pick Out the​ right bike .​
He even offered to​ accompany me to​ the​ motorcycle dealer.
At one point, he asked me if​ I​ was really serious about buying motorcycles .​
I​ was so vague about what I​ wanted that it​ seemed to​ him like I​ hadn't really made up my mind .​
I​ sat down and​ thought about it​ one Sunday .​
Did I​ really want to​ ride a​ motorcycle if​ it​ meant having to​ pay for​ insurance and​ upkeep? Then I​ heard the​ sound of​ someone's souped-up racing bike driving past, and​ I​ felt like it​ was a​ sign .​
I​ knew that I​ had to​ follow through with buying motorcycles, at​ least to​ try it​ out for​ myself .​
The very next week, I​ found the​ perfect bike to​ begin riding on .​
Soon, I​ had it​ tuned up, polished, and​ all ready to​ go .​
I​ have been riding a​ motorcycle ever since.

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