All About Suzuki Motorcycles

All About Suzuki Motorcycles
Suzuki Motor Company was founded by Michio Suzuki .​
He had a​ very successful looming business when he decided to​ invest in​ the​ concept of​ motorcycle manufacturing in​ 1920 .​
Suzuki didn’t take the​ motorcycle world by storm, in​ stead it​ was a​ slow and​ steady rise to​ success .​
There were a​ variety of​ motorcycle models that had moderate success .​
People began to​ take notice of​ the​ Suzuki line of​ motorcycles after their Diamond Free model won the​ Mount Fuji Hill Climb in​ 1953 .​
In June of​ 1954, Suzuki implemented their trademark S logo that is​ still used today .​
They also put their years of​ observing the​ motorcycle industry to​ good use .​
1962 saw them as​ the​ winner of​ the​ Grand Prix World Championship .​
Suzuki decided to​ begin selling its motorcycles in​ the​ United States in​ 1963 .​
They have come a​ long way since that first introduction .​
Consumers quickly took to​ the​ models, finding them to​ be valuable and​ reliable .​
Suzuki introduced the​ X-6 Hustler in​ 1966, becoming their first street legal performance bike .​
At the​ time, it​ was also the​ fastest 250CC on the​ market .​
They followed the​ success of​ it​ with a​ 500CC model called the​ Titan .​
In 1969 Suzuki took the​ world by surprise when it​ introduced the​ GT750 .​
This was a​ two stroke motorcycle that could reach a​ speed of​ 110 miles per hour .​
It was able to​ accelerate from zero to​ sixty in​ only five seconds .​
Since this motorcycle was so well received, Suzuki decided to​ make a​ larger bike with the​ same type of​ power .​
The RG500 became the​ most successful racing bike of​ that era .​
Suzuki continued to​ dominate the​ motocross racing circuit in​ the​ 1970’s, winning the​ World Motocross Championship in​ 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, and​ 1976 .​
Due to​ tighter emission regulations, Suzuki had some stumbling blocks in​ 1976 .​
However, they were successfully able to​ redesign their four stroke models to​ meet these regulations .​
They models also sold very well .​
Suzuki again make racing history with the​ introduction of​ the​ XN85 in​ 1982 .​
This was a​ turbo charged motorcycle that won many high profile races .​
The first American to​ win the​ World Motocross Championship did so in​ 1982 on this bike .​
In 1986 they offered the​ GSX-R, also a​ turbo charged racer bike .​
What made it​ so original was the​ aluminum frame .​
This made it​ the​ lightest motorcycle in​ its class .​
In addition to​ selling large quantities of​ racing bikes, Suzuki has done well in​ the​ cruiser market as​ well .​
The Boulevard model comes in​ many different sizes to​ meet the​ needs of​ the​ consumer .​
This is​ a​ very sporty looking model built to​ look great as​ well as​ to​ offer comfort .​
The five speed transmission allows the​ operator of​ the​ vehicle to​ remain comfortable regardless of​ the​ riding terrain .​
The body of​ the​ Boulevard model allows for​ a​ smooth ride regardless of​ the​ speed at​ which you are traveling .​
This model is​ one of​ the​ top selling cruisers out there as​ well as​ the​ best price with the​ 2018 models priced around $13,000 .​
Each one comes with a​ 12 month unlimited warranty that can be extended .​
Suzuki offers the​ best warranty of​ any motorcycle manufacturer with unlimited miles, no deductible, reimbursement costs if​ the​ motorcycle breaks down, rental vehicle reimbursement, and​ the​ remainder of​ the​ warranty is​ transferable should you decide to​ sell your motorcycle during the​ warranty time frame .​
Today, Suzuki is​ in​ the​ top four motorcycle manufacturer’s world wide .​
They offer a​ wide variety of​ street, off road, and​ racing motorcycles to​ choose from .​
You can find Suzuki motorcycles at​ more than 1,600 dealerships around the​ world .​
They are well known for​ offering style, comfort, and​ speed with hundreds of​ different models to​ choose from .​
They are also among the​ top sellers because the​ models are very attractive, the​ price is​ very reasonable, and​ they stand behind their products by offering an​ excellent warranty .​

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