Accessories For The Motorcycle Helmet

Accessories For The Motorcycle Helmet

Gary has a​ Harley Davidson chopper at​ home. This took almost a​ year to​ assemble since the​ parts were purchased from different suppliers. Now that it​ is​ almost complete, the​ only thing to​ do will be to​ get the​ right motorcycle helmet.

The motorcycle dealer only sold bright colored helmets. After fitting this and​ checking it​ for​ any defects, Gary chose the​ yellow one since this is​ the​ most visible during the​ day and​ at​ night.

Gary was not happy with the​ helmet being in​ just one shade. to​ make this better, this person thought of​ either putting stickers or​ having this custom painted. Given that it​ will be another 4 to​ 5 years that this will have to​ be replaced, the​ owner decided to​ have it​ painted.

The local shop was able to​ make the​ changes after 2 weeks. Since it​ was very sunny where Gary lived, there was a​ need to​ buy other accessories.

One of​ the​ most important things that had to​ be purchased was a​ visor. Gary preferred to​ get the​ detachable kind to​ protect this person from the​ brightness of​ the​ sun and​ debris, which may come toward the​ biker.

Gary also replaced this strap to​ hold the​ helmet in​ place. This person believed that the​ two-ring type that is​ able to​ hold better than the​ one made of​ Velcro. the​ bike owner got this idea after reading a​ safety report in​ a​ magazine which said the​ head gear could come off if​ this isn’t fastened securely while cruising fast or​ suddenly breaking on the​ road.

A month after changing a​ few accessories on the​ helmet, Gary was ready to​ hit the​ open road. This person not only traveled on short trips but also used this for​ traveling from one town to​ the​ next.

Many people admired the​ changes that were made by Gary. This person did not boast about it​ and​ just accepted the​ compliments humbly and​ said this can be done by anybody. All the​ biker has to​ do is​ use one’s imagination and​ make it​ happen. Those that need a​ little guidance should watch other riders or​ read up on magazines to​ find it.

Gary did not pick accessories for​ the​ helmet so that people can give compliments. This person did it​ to​ express this biker’s individuality. the​ owner felt this was the​ only way to​ feel safe and​ cool at​ the​ same time whenever getting on the​ road with the​ bike.

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