9 Soft Saddlebags For Motorcycles

9 Soft Saddlebags For Motorcycles

Soft saddle bags are popular because they are pliable, easier to​ lug around and​ very spacious. There are a​ large number of​ soft saddlebags available in​ the​ market which makes selection difficult. Here’s a​ shortlist of​ some of​ the​ good bags:

1. Chase Harper European Tour Saddlebags: These are made of​ Cordura, are water-tight and​ have 34 quart capacity. Their important features are: attachment around the​ rear and​ at​ the​ footpegs, a​ frame tube with quick-release action, hard plastic at​ the​ bottom and​ front, removable plastic exhaust guards, soft nylon backing to​ prevent scuffing and​ double nylon handles joined by wraparound leather

2. Dry Bag Saddlebags: These are made of​ pliable non-porous plastic, are Cordura lined and​ can roll up like a​ paper sack. They have hard plastic bag stiffeners, an​ attachment around the​ rear and​ at​ the​ footpegs , quick-release buckles on nylon straps and​ a​ hard plastic backing

3. Eclipse Dodge Slant Cruiser Bags: They have a​ nylon body, faux leather top flap and​ real leather straps and​ trims. They are highly functional and​ compact, have rigid inner support panel, soft tricot mesh on the​ surface facing the​ bike as​ well as​ under the​ wide seat yoke. They need saddlebag support frames for​ proper attachment

4. Hondaline Saddlebags: These bags are made of​ nylon and​ foam panels and​ are water proof. They have a​ top that opens, are easy to​ pack and​ carry and​ can be attached to​ the​ bike using a​ nylon strip.

5. OSI Deluxe Nylon Saddlebags: These bags are made of​ Cordura and​ are open at​ the​ top. They have a​ large external pocket and​ a​ zipper with nylon tabs for​ easier pulling. the​ main compartments of​ the​ bags are lined with nylon and​ stiff plastic. the​ bags also have a​ flexible foam support on the​ side walls. They have four detachable anchor points and​ rugged Cordura handles for​ easy carrying

6. Rev-Pack Deluxe Saddle Packs: They are made of​ heavy urethane-coated Cordura
lined with sealed nylon. in​ addition, there is​ a​ lining of​ foam between the​ two plies for​ insulation and​ stability. the​ front flap is​ large and​ stiff. the​ bags can be moved up or​ down using the​ harness system that runs over the​ rear seat

7. RKA Standard Saddlebags: These bags have 22.5 quarts capacity, solid mounting and​ come with dual straps that tighten down across the​ seat. the​ zips open like a​ suitcase. They have adjustable retaining straps and​ synthetic sheepskin finish.

8. Roadgear Jumbo Expedition Bags: These bags have 40.8 quarts capacity and​ are made of​ 1000-denier Cordura Plus fabric with expanding panels. the​ bags have nylon-loop straps for​ the​ rear footpegs, a​ quick-release nylon tail strap and​ can be easily levelled with the​ passenger seat or​ raised above.

9. Teknic Saddlebags: These bags are made of​ 420-denier nylon, are PVC-coated and​ have a​ capacity of​ 35.2 quarts. a​ wide hook-and-loop yoke over the​ seat is​ used to​ join the​ saddlebags that have a​ four-point quick-release system to​ secure the​ bags to​ the​ bike. They also have an​ additional common strap for​ carrying the​ bag over the​ shoulder.
a wraparound zipper and​ two adjustable quick-release straps. a​ spiral-type zipper system helps release additional inches of​ cargo space.

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