7 Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

7 Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are an​ important part of​ a​ rider’s attire. They protect them against bad weather, minimize injuries in​ case of​ a​ fall and​ give them a​ smart look. Before selecting a​ mesh motorcycle jacket you need to​ look at​ their important features. Some of​ the​ important features of​ popular mesh motorcycle jacket brands are:

1. AGV SPORT AEROMESH JACKET: This jacket comes with a​ polyester mesh exterior and​ an​ open weave netting inside for​ better ventilation. it​ has high-density exterior padding on the​ shoulder, elbow and​ back to​ provide protection in​ case of​ a​ fall. Two compression straps on each arm, rubber-coated snap closures at​ the​ cuffs and​ a​ waistband with straps on each side make it​ a​ very comfortable wear.

2. FIELDSHEER MACH 1 JACKET: This jacket has a​ lightweight, thin polyester mesh on the​ outside and​ removable armor at​ the​ elbows, shoulders and​ back. There is​ additional foam between armor and​ shell that provides extra protection. There is​ also a​ zip-out, insulated liner for​ chillier moments. the​ jacket has two exterior pockets and​ a​ single pouch inside for​ storage.
3. FIRSTGEAR MESHTEX JACKET: This ultralight jacket has a​ mesh nylon shell and​ a​ removable EVA shoulder and​ elbow armor that is​ perforated. it​ has soft, perforated lining, adjustable sleeve cuffs and​ hook-and-loop waist tabs.

4. JOE ROCKET PHOENIX 2.0 JACKET: This jacket with a​ polyester mesh shell covering comes with removable dual density armor in​ the​ shoulders, elbows and​ back. it​ has an​ inner liner with large weave that encourages direct airflow and​ an​ unpadded low collar. the​ waistband is​ adjustable and​ has two hook-and-loop straps.

5. OLYMPIA SPORTS AIRGLIDE MESH TECH JACKET: This jacket is​ made of​ medium-weave mesh fibers with 500-denier Cordura nylon panels. it​ has a​ cool mesh interior lining, a​ neoprene neck insert, two chest and​ torso pockets and​ an​ interior zip pocket. the​ jacket can be connected to​ the​ pant by an​ eight-inch connecting zipper. the​ elbow and​ shoulder armor is​ injection-molded and​ can be removed.

6. REX MARSEE FULL FLOW MESH JACKET: the​ shoulder, elbows and​ waist of​ this jacket are made of​ heavy-duty 1050-denier Cordura. it​ has a​ shimmery outside shell that adds to​ night time safety and​ a​ removable body armor. it​ also has a​ lower back/tailbone pad for​ extra protection.

7. TEKNIC SUPERVENT JACKET: This jacket has an​ outer shell made of​ reinforced mesh and​ a​ soft, perforated inner mesh lining. the​ Teknic/Knox armor in​ the​ shoulders, elbows and​ back is​ removable.

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