6 Things To Do If Involved In A Motorcycle Accident

6 Things To Do If Involved In A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents have a​ reputation for​ being some of​ the​ deadliest. Motorcycles offer little protection to​ riders in​ the​ event of​ an​ accident; therefore the​ injuries are often severe requiring long recovery periods.

Usually, motorcycle accidents are not the​ biker’s fault. Due to​ the​ size difference between a​ motorcycle and​ passenger vehicle, motorcycles are harder to​ see and​ are frequently lost in​ the​ passenger vehicle’s “blind spot.” Due to​ this fact biker’s are often sideswiped by vehicles that simply did not see them.

Some shocking statistics from the​ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that motorcyclists are 32 times more likely to​ die in​ an​ accident than passenger vehicle occupants, and​ 6 times more likely to​ suffer injuries. it​ is​ important to​ remember that biker’s are entitled to​ compensation for​ injuries due to​ someone else’s negligence as​ well as​ passenger vehicle drivers.

If you are involved in​ a​ motorcycle accident it​ is​ important to​ remember the​ following things:
1. Report the​ accident to​ police. the​ police report is​ helpful to​ your auto accident injury lawyer in​ determining fault.
2. Record the​ names and​ statements of​ witnesses to​ your accident. Take pictures and​ record any unusual circumstances or​ whether that may have contributed to​ the​ accident. This will be especially useful should your case go to​ court.
3. Do not speak with any insurance agents or​ adjusters that may show up at​ the​ scene. This is​ an​ unscrupulous tactic sometimes used to​ get people to​ admit fault or​ say something that could hurt their claim.
4. Call your insurance company to​ report the​ accident. Do not speak with the​ other party’s insurance carrier. Let your motorcycle accident injury lawyer deal with them.
5. Even if​ you feel you haven’t sustained a​ serious injury, it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ get checked out by a​ physician. Some brain injuries do not show up right away and​ insurance companies may be reluctant to​ pay for​ an​ injury later on.
6. Contact a​ motorcycle accident injury lawyer as​ soon as​ possible.

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